Sunday, October 12, 2008

Such a nice Sunday!

It was finally cool enough (just about all day!) for us to spend the day outside. The kids played, hubs walked around trying to look busy, and I read my Bible. It was a really great day.

After Cullen woke up from his nap, and we all had lunch, we went back outside and the kids had popsicles. He really does stick his tongue out like this each time he licks them! It's hilarious!

He apparently had some trouble getting it to his mouth each time.

This is after the popsicle fun had worn off... and he realized he had gone a whole hour without his "ganket." Which is Cullen-speak for his security blanket. It was taking a tour of the washing machine while we tried to keep his mind off it by playing outside.



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Melanie said...

HAHa--Cullen licking the dirty popsicle was hilarious!