Monday, October 13, 2008

Kid Kleen Bath Blizzard

Last week, we received a really cool bath toy in the mail. It was the Kid Kleen Bath Blizzard. The kids were ready to take a bath as soon as they saw it! Can you believe it? Something that actually makes the kids want to take a bath???

The Bath Blizzard is a little machine that hangs off the water faucet and pumps out bubbles into the tub. It came with a bottle of bubble solution, and since you only use a capful, it's going to last quite a while. The solution is safe, non-toxic, wheat & tears-free and even hypoallergenic! Which means it's even great for the little ones!

We had one of these bath bubble machines before, but it didn't work nearly as well as the Bath Blizzard. Once you turn it on, that thing really pumps out bubbles. It's the only one I've seen that has a fabric screen that makes more, and finer bubbles than other machines. It looked like I had put bubble bath in the tub, when it was just the Bath Blizzard.

Just look at all those bubbles!

I also liked the strap that secured it to the faucet. Our other one had suction cups that stuck to the wall... unfortunately, it never stayed stuck. The Bath Blizzard hangs from the faucet, and stays there until you take it off.

The age range is 3 and up. Christian loved it. Cullen liked the bubbles, but didn't like the noise, which, trust me, was not loud at all. He runs into the house when the cows start mooing. No joke. We just let the tub fill up with bubbles, then turned it off and let him play.

The Bath Blizzard retails for about $20, and is available at all leading toy stores.

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Jules from "The Roost" said...

I will check this out for my grandson for Christmas! Looks fun for all ages ;) Thanks for the tip!