Wednesday, October 1, 2008

If you know me at all, you know I have a toddler (who hasn’t jumped on the whole “clean up after myself” bandwagon) and a first grader.

Which means I have no time for myself.

I am constantly being called on to entertain, educate, feed, clothe, clean, wipe, etc… Which is fine. That’s my job.

But recently, K’NEX and Sesame Street made that job slightly easier. I received a Sesame Street themed building set, and look out! Those kids were out of my hair for an hour!

We got the Elmo and His Piano building set. It’s a K’NEX building set that includes colorful rods, connectors and blocks so that kids can create their own custom versions of Elmo, his piano and his goldfish Dorothy. The set also came with activity cards that showed different building ideas, and a handy box in which to store everything once playtime is over.

The box says it’s age appropriate for kids 2-5, but Cullen had a blast with it, and he’s not quite two.
It holds the attention of the older kids, as well. Christian (age six) was determined to build everything the cards showed, and her friend, who’s ten, also built her own masterpieces.
They loved this thing!

They’re not that expensive, either. Sets start out at $10.99, and go up to about $33.00. Which isn’t bad for a multi-use, imagination-building toy. Kids can be as creative as they want to be, or just use the activity cards to jumpstart their building fun.

If you’re interested, visit:
to see what all is available. There are many different characters to build, and many different sized sets in a range of prices.

You know, there's only 85 shopping days left until Christmas!

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