Thursday, October 16, 2008

I got an interesting e-mail from my brother yesterday, and would love to share:

Hello all,

Attached is a picture that Courtney [my sil] took of Colton [my nephew] & me at the County Youth Rodeo back in April of 2006. She had snapped several pictures throughout the day of us, looking at the bulls, watching the rodeo, etc.

When the rodeo was over, Colton & I walked out into the arena to check out the horses and look at the bulls behind the chutes, while Courtney stayed in the stands. She called us over to the fence to chat, so Colton climbed up on the pipe fence to talk to her.

Colton & I started arguing over wether or not he could ride some of the bulls & Courtney snapped this picture. She had been wanting to enter it in the county fair for the past 2 years, but due to busy schedules, etc., hasn't been able to.

She decided this was the year.

She's working a booth at the fair this year with one of her sororities and when I came up today to get the suburban, with a glimmer in her eye said "Come here, I want to show you something." She took me to the photography exhibit and showed me the picture.

Attached to the frame was the ''Grand Champion" ribbon!!!

We walked around the carnival tonight and let the kids ride some rides, and there were soo many people who congratulated her for the ribbon, as well as having such handsome-looking subjects to photograph whenever she wanted!! (I made the last part up)

I just wanted to pass on her latest accomplishment to family & friends. Hope this finds everyone well.

Take care,


I've always loved this picture, and think it would look way better in my house than it does in yours.

Just food for thought.


ChefDruck said...

Gorgeous picture!

Melanie said...

Where is the picture with you in it? I see a picture of a guy and Colton?????

Tracye said...

It's my brother and my nephew. The whole post (except for the words in red) was an e-mail from my brother... so the picture of "Me & Colton," was my brother and Colton.