Sunday, October 5, 2008

How Am I Feeling, You Ask?

Get ready...

Prepare yourselves...

Like crap.

First, the pollen counts must be up right now (I haven't checked) because my eyes are so itchy I want to gouge them out, my throat is scratchy and always on the verge of soreness, and I have a perpetual sinus headache.

And then there's the morning sickness, or, in my case, afternoon/evening sickness. After school lets out, I feel like I hit a brick wall. I am exhausted, and feel like I'll puke if I move. It really stinks. Considering I have two children to take care of at this time of day!

Hopefully it will end soon.

Nights aren't much better. The pukiness usually lasts well into the evening (until around midnight or so) and while I'm so tired I could pass out, I have to pee every ten minutes. That's no exaggeration. Literally. Every. Ten. Minutes. This usually lasts until about 2 am, at which point I decide I'd rather just change the sheets in the morning, and crash. I sleep for two or three hours, and then wake up and it starts all over again. It's the same thing if I attempt a nap during the day while Cullen naps. Usually I get so frustrated because I'm so tired but can't sleep. And I don't actually have to go that bad; it's just the feeling like I need to. Which, psychologically, makes it even worse! WHY AM I NOT SLEEPING IF I DON'T ACTUALLY HAVE TO GO???

I'm not good at being pregnant.

There's just not much about it that I like. Or even tolerate well.

You'll come to realize that over the next six months, but I promise to try to keep the bitchiness to a minimum.

I said I would try.


Huse Yo Mama said...

You make me giggle. Does all the pee pee ness go away for the second tri? It did for me, and then made it's reappearance around the third tri. Here's hoping all the icky symptoms settle down.

m said...

Sorry your not feeling well:(

Erin said...

AWWW Sweetie bitch away!! Most of us understand. Let it all out!
Hope ur better soon!