Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Baby Bella

Recently, we received a couple packs of what I would call trading cards for girls... they're called Baby Bella, and they're part of the Bella Sara game. It combines trading cards with interactive online games and activities.

The cards each portray a horse, an inspirational message, and a code to enter at http://www.bellasara.com/.

The code adds the horse to your child's online stable, so that your child can nurture their animals, read stories and play games in the land of North of North. You can feed and water the horses, brush them, and make sure they have plenty of clean hay. There's also online "stores," where kids can "purchase" things to decorate their online cottage. It doesn't actually cost money, but horseshoes, that kids win playing online games.

Parents can choose the level of interaction that's right for their child's experience in the parents section of the site.

Starting November 6, there will be a ten-day online celebration of the Baby Bella addition. Kids will be able to qualify for daily prizes, print off birth certificates for their babies, and have access to special codes that change each day.

There will be a contest with Bella Birthday packages, special guest goody bags, and full sets of Bella Sara merchandise as prizes.

When Christian opened her Bella Sara trading cards, we had to get on the computer. Right then! And enter all of her horses' codes. She played for two straight hours that day! One day, I got on the site to see what all the fuss was about. She heard the music (which sounds like the track they play at the spa) and came running and kicked me right off the computer. She carries those cards with her every time we get in the car. She absolutely loves the Bella Sara horses.

Hubs wanted to know what Christian was playing on the computer and I explained to him it was an online site with trading cards about horses. He started grinning, and said that the daughters of some of the guys he works with are really into it, too.

It's actually a fairly fun website... even for adults! She doesn't know it, but every now and then I get on there and take care of some of her horses. There are so many things to see and do, a kid will probably never do it all.

And at $2.99 a pack, these cards would make great stocking stuffers. You can find them at most bookstores, discount chains, and toystores.

Not bad for a little time to yourself!


Carrie said...

I just started looking at this for my daughter, and I'm a little concerned about the occult/pagan, etc link that you especially see in the trading cards (not so much on the website.) In fact, I was really suprised that the cards were in such a different style than what is portrayed on the website... they really aren't the "cute" look portrayed on the site. I was wondering if you had any thoughts on this?

Tracye said...

I wasn't crazy about a few of the cards. Some of the horses (and their names) leaned a little towards that to me. She actually doesn't even play with the cards. I have no idea where they are. She looked at them the day they came, I entered the codes, and now all she does is "care" for her horses on the website. The ones we didn't like, we just threw away. She doesn't like stuff like that, either. I can't even remember what it was, but I do know one or two of the horses looked ugly, or maybe their names were demonic-sounding. Like I said, we got rid of those, and we haven't run into anything like that on the website. If we do, I'll just delete the link and she won't go there anymore. She's very good about telling me when she doesn't like something, or think something's bad. Which is partly why I think she's old enough to be on that site.