Monday, September 22, 2008

Some random thoughts... and some pictures

A few weeks ago, I drove out to my in-laws' house. On the road, I spotted something large, so I turned around and parked on the shoulder to go see what it was.

It was giant... and it was fast. That thing was bookin' it. It literally walked as fast as I did. Okay, it was faster, but gimme a break. I was tired from packing up my life to run from Ike.

When I got to their house, I told Christian about it, and she wanted to go find it. By the time we got to him, he'd walked another mile. My in-laws' neighbor had seen him at the end of their driveway about an hour earlier. The driveway was probably about a mile from where I first stopped to take his picture.

Christian was braver than I was, and got much closer.

He eventually got tired of us, and turned off the highway and into the woods. But I got one last picture before he walked through the brush.

Then here's Christian, playing around on the bales of hay out at my in-laws. She loves doing that, but Grandma won't let her climb to the top of the stack. Otherwise, she would!

Cullen has discovered the joys of nutella. Unfortunately, Christian saw me eating some today, and just had to try it. I tried to convince her it was ground beans, even going so far as to show her the jar. She just wouldn't listen. She, too, loves it.


Now I'm only going to be able to eat it while she's at school.


Lisa said... aren't the only one I've heard is crazy about this stuff. lol

Isn't this made in Germany? I prefer their chocolate and marzipan myself. :-)

Cute photos! I especially love the ones of your daughter on the bails of hay. :-)

Huse Blog is it Anyway? said...

Holy huge turtle!! Oh my gosh!! She is very brave. I would have been afraid of it attacking me. I was attacked by a snapping turtle once. Okay, not really - I caught one when I was fishing and dragged it home acting like it was chasing me. But it makes for a funny story nonetheless!

I knew you couldn't hide the nutella from the kids! I just KNEW it!

Crystal said...

Those are great pictures! Your kids are so cute :-) Cullen looks like he's really enjoying the Nutella! I've never eaten it, lots of people tell me it's good though. Maybe I'll get some the next time I get groceries...

Southerner said...

Thanks for the recipes! Cute photos of the kids. I saw Nutella in the store the other day and thought of you. Funny how I have never noticed it before.

Daiquiri said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the kind comment about the photos I did for Becky :) But honestly, with a baby that beautiful, I think a chimp could get good shots ;)

First, let me say that I like your little guy's haircut. But I've been spending all day debating whether or not to have my little one's first haircut today. Since you dislike it so much, I'm having serious second thoughts about doing the haircut thing! They look like such big boys after a haircut...why rush it, I guess.

Thanks again for stopping by. It's very nice to "meet" you!