Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Have you tried this stuff???

I am addicted.

I bought some when we were stocking up on supplies before Hurricane Ike got here. Because I'm all about buying necessities in times of emergency.
I tried it yesterday on some leftover biscuits from the night before.
I took the cap off, and there it was: a gold seal. A gold seal! My friends, beautiful things were in store for my taste buds. I slathered some on those cold biscuits, and licked the drop that got onto my fingers. I just about couldn't stand up. It's that good.
It's rich and creamy and chocolatey and smooth and hazelnutty all at the same time. It's truly an awakening; almost a religious experience.
I kept thinking it tasted vaguely like Ferrero Rocher. You know, those little chocolate and hazelnut candies that are so popular at Christmas? And then I noticed, on that picture up there, the word, Ferrero, right under Nutella. I am so quick.
So then Cullen sees me eating something, and crawls his little self right up onto my lap for a taste. DANGIT!!! I so did not want to share. But, bless my heart, I did. I'm sure I'll receive an eternal reward for it, too.
Luckily, Christian has not discovered that little jar in the pantry. And even if she does, it's certainly not marketed toward kids, and I don't think she'll ask to try it. Woo hoo!!!
If she does, I'll make up something about it being made with beans.
That always gets her off my back.


Huse Blog is it Anyway? said...

I just read your post to my hubby and he was shaking his head the entire time, saying "yep, yep...heaven, I know...yep, gold seal." It was funny.

He puts nutella and peanut butter on bread and eats that. Seriously, I gained 5 pounds just READING your blog, so I can't touch the stuff!

Southerner said...

I haven't tried it. When I saw the picture I didn't even know what it was. I know when we lived in Florida we always kept hurricane food in the pantry- all the staples of spaghettios and soups and stuff. But, when a hurricane came I could just live off Cheeze its and granola bars. It seems like all you want to do is snack while you sit in the board covered house and play cards and games.

I would love your tortilla recipe. Tell me how you make your detergent. I was going to use the grated soap, washing powder and Borax and leave it in dry form so it took up less space. Is that how you make it? I know there is one that you cook on the stove but it needs to be stored in a large bucket which would be harder for me to store.

Thanks, Holly

Becky said...

OK...after reading that, I'll HAVE to try some now. Sounds so good!

hazel said...

Happy Birthday to you... Happy birthday to you.
Happy Birthday dear Tracye...
Happy Birthday to you!

ChefDruck said...

Nutella is sweet nectar. We are all addicted. Even the baby asks for 'Tella on her waffles in the morning. At least it's made with skim milk. :)

I'm glad scary Ike made it through without too much damage for you.

Tracye said...

Hazel, I'm reading that and hearing my mom sing it!

Rachel, I'm going to pretend the "made with skim milk" claim really means, "zero calories, zero fat."

Holly, yep, just snack the day away! I'll send you the recipes.

Becky, I thought I was the last one! ;)

Chefdruck, I'm going to eat it late, late, late at night... after everyone's in bed!

ChickysCakes said...

Love the stuff! It is totally addictive!! With 5 kids...I don't buy it cuz they are like hoovers...and Nutella isn't cheap. :)

Scary Mommy said...

I have no self control with Nutella. I can eat the whole jar with a spoon!!!

Tracye said...

Too bad for me, Christian saw me eating it today.

I couldn't convince her it was beans.

I'm just going to have to stick to my "late at night" plan!

Emily ~ Little Window Shoppe said...

Yes! This is so good! In 2000, I went on a study-abroad trip to Israel for a few months and my friends and I ate this just about everyday while we were there. So tasty.

Megan said...

P.S. you are my 2nd friend to blog about this... that's IT! it's on the list! can't wait to try it!

Huse Blog is it Anyway? said...

I just wanted to give you a heads up. I was at IHOP last weekend and thought of you. They make NUTELLA CREPES!!!!! You need to go there rightthissecond and get some!