Monday, September 29, 2008

Big News!

I don't even know how to say this... so I'll just post a picture.

At the end of August, I took a test, and it was positive... before (sorry!) I even finished, um, taking it.

So I went in for a blood test. Only the lady said she couldn't do one without a doctor's order, so I'd have to get a positive urine test first. So while I was in their bathroom, um, taking that test, she got the doctor's okay to do a blood test. They called later that day and confirmed it was positive, and wanted to see me the next day for an ultrasound. Because of the last time.

So I went in the next morning, and they couldn't see or hear a heartbeat. The tech said it was still very early, and not to worry. The yolk sac was still there, so she thought maybe the heart just hadn't started beating yet. I saw the doctor right after that, and he said he wasn't worried about the lack of a heartbeat, and for me not to worry. Right. Sure. Don't worry. Anyway, they guessed I was around five weeks, but didn't want to date it until they saw the heartbeat.

He scheduled another appointment in two weeks (on September 11th) for another ultrasound. On September 10th, the nurse called me and said we had to reschedule because of Hurricane Ike, and that I should immediately go to the nearest hospital should I start to cramp or bleed.

They rescheduled me for my birthday, the 18th. The ultrasound above is from that day. We saw and heard the heartbeat, and the tech actually started crying. I told her that I thought she'd probably be "over it," having done so many. She said that with the previous one showing just the baby but no heartbeat, she was just so relieved. Especially knowing I lost the baby last time. It's good to have people like that working with me. He moved around a little, which is crazy, since he's so little. Maybe a couple inches.

I say, "he," because he's going to have to live with Cullen, so it really needs to be a he! That little "something" on the picture could really be anything, but I'm hoping it's a pee-pee.

I'm ten weeks, right now. April 23 is the date. One month minus one day after Christian's birthday. Speaking of Christian, we told her on Saturday. She is beside herself, she's so excited!

This morning she came in and woke me up and asked if she could snuggle for a while before getting dressed. While we were laying there, she kept rubbing my abdomen (way high up, though!). She suddenly sat up and said, "I felt the baby kick!" Um. Not yet. She just can't wait. She actually wants two more, but I'm just going to get through this one, first!

Happy Monday, everyone!


Lisa said...

Awww! What wonderful news! I so very happy for you.

Amy @ Thoughts from the Mrs. said...

Awe! Congrats on the itty-bitty!
It's hard not to be envious. I want so badly to be preggers again. Someday, in God's timing, it will happen.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I can't believe you found me on MomDot. That place is so busy and active, I was sure I was lost in the shuffle. :)

See you around!

Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

Wow! Congratulations!! That's really exciting news. And hey, if little one decides to make his or her appearance one day early, we can share birthdays! April is a wonderful month for birthdays!

Melody said...


I am so happy for you. I lost two before I had my fourth, and I know exactly how it feels seeing that little sac with no little heartbeat in it. I am so, so, so happy that your little sac is full and healthy!

And I totally flaked on the whole blog-award thing. I got your email, and checked your blog on my phone, planning to follow-up when I was at a real computer, and I totally forgot about it! I'm very sorry, and I am very honored that you thought of me! Thank you so much!

Congrats again!

Tracye said...

Thanks, Lisa and Amy!

Lori, you're so lucky! April is the *BEST* birthstone month!

Melody, don't worry about it! I know you're superbusy... I'm just glad to read good reports!

Thanks again, everyone!

Leeann said...


I'm an April birthday also. April makes the best, most attractive people ever..LOL!


Anonymous said...


YEah, congrats and all the good stuff...and you wanted a Dyson for your b-day!


Erin said...

oooo i am so happy for you!! congrats congrats!!

Crystal said...

Yay!!!! Congratulations!!! That is so awesome.

Huse Blog is it Anyway? said...

Shut the front DOOR, that is so exciting!!! Congratulations! I am SO happy for you. I didn't know about the miscarriage. I guess I wasn't reading your blog yet then.

I'm so glad everything is going well. I'm just beside myself happy for you!

That makes four of my friends due in April.

kelsey said...

Congrats! We're so happy for you guys! Plus, this takes the mounting pressure off of us to produce a least for a little while :) Hope you have a enjoyable pregnancy with no morning sickness.

ChickysCakes said...

How exciting!! Congratulations! :)

Anonymous said...

Kelsey can forget it. She is still in the hot seat. I cannot wait for a new one. You make the most wonderful babies. They actually like me for a while....i love my grandkids. They do say the darned things...papaw loves them too. he is excited about another one. take care of yourself and make the boy wait on you even ya mil

Megan said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I haven't been over here for a while, and how exciting to visit and see an ULTRASOUND PIC!!! Congratulations!!! How are you feeling? xo

Baba said...

Congratulations! Babys are such a treasure.

Jenn said...

Congratulations!!! What exciting news! I hope things smooth out for you really soon on the M/S front. Not fun at all.

Love new babies!!!