Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lots of stuff to win!

MomDot is having another contest, so I'm pimping my blog in the hopes of winning!

Donated from Little Ladybug Designs: Mommy Calling card design! Hand out your contact information for babysitters or playdates in style with our stylish mommy calling cards! No more looking through your diaper bag for a piece of paper to jot your phone number down on. Cards can be customized in anyway you like. This is only for the custom DESIGN, which will be sent to you and you can print on Vistaprint. They have so many beautiful designs, it would be so very hard to choose one!

Prize #2: BabyBoudoir: A personalized Diaper Wipes Case
Now I could absolutely get lost on this site! They have such beautiful stuff! I really like the swarovski crystal pacifier clips with an initial on them. Unfortunately, my kids are (and have always been) thumbsuckers. It must be a really strong gene or something.

Prize #3 My Embroidered Gifts: Satineesnugs Duck WITH embroidery: The extra soft personalized satineesnugs duck blanket features a cute duck face, a plush side and a “satinee” side. They also have some really cute stuff. I like the charm bracelet, personalized with Christian's initials. She'd love it!

Prize #4 One Posh Kid: A burp cloth set with a Princess on it. They have some really cute clothes, too. Among other things!

These items together are worth over $100, so if you're interested, check them out!

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