Monday, August 25, 2008

I hope she's no Billy Joe McGuffrey

Bonus points if you knowuddamean with my oh-so-catchy title up there. It's been in my head for days.

Today my baby entered first grade. Don't get me started on the injustice of that. I never, and I mean never, gave her permission to grow up. But she's fiesty like that.
She insisted on wearing the frilliest outfit in her closet today, and also on wearing her backpack while I took the annual "First Day Of School" picture.

Shannon over at Rocks In My Dryer hosted a back-to-school haiku contest this morning. Never being one to back down from a challenge (or at least a writing challenge), here's my contribution:

This day took so long.
It couldn't come fast enough.
It's here. She's gone. Peace.

Eyes hot with my tears,
Thinking about her return.
Needing one more hug.

When did this happen?
She shouldn’t be in school, yet.
They grow up too fast.

The school bell rings-yay!
Coming home so excited!
Has to tell me all.

Chocolate chip cookies
Still warm from the oven--yum.
The smell. Oh! The smell.

Melting in our mouths
While we talk about her day.
There’s nothing better.

Forgive the melancholiness, but that was my mood after I stood outside her classroom door for a good fifteen minutes, just to make sure she was okay. The principal was all, "Uh... Can I help you?" And I was all, "Get the heck outta my face, lady!"

But I kid.

I didn't call her lady.

Each year, we send Christian to school with an apple for her teacher. But this year I thought, "If some kid brought me an apple, holding it in their grubby little hand, I doubt I'd eat it."

So I put it in a plastic bag. But it looked so lonely in there.

So I added a Hershey bar. But then it just looked like a random little wannabe gift, so I added two packs of peanut butter crackers, some Lays potato chips, and some homemade chocolate chip cookies. Then I tied it with cute black & white polka dotted ribbon, and attached a really cute card I made on the computer. I told her teacher it was to ward off any stress-induced cravings for the first day. I think we covered them all: salty, sweet, crunchy, healthy, and, of course, chocolate. I wrote that we hope she has a great year (sidenote: she was Christian's teacher last year. She's team-taught kindergarten with the same teacher for 22 years, but they moved her up this year to try to strengthen the first grade) and how happy we are that Christian has her again.

Anyway, I'll leave you with this gem... which is how I found her last week as I attempted getting her back into a morning routine:

I don't think I've ever slept that soundly.


Huse Blog is it Anyway? said...

too funny! YAY for the first day of school, frilly outfits and cupcake backpacks. That must be the hottest thing for first graders. I have a few friends who bought those for their kids. Don't worry, they don't live by y'all.

And, feel free to send me one of those first-day-of-school survival kits. I don't know why I need one, but whatever.

If she does turn out like Billy Joe McGuffrey, at least you wouldn't have to worry about paying for college.

Tracye said...

You're funny!

You've seen more kids with these backpacks? And I thought she was being one-of-a-kind. ;)

Melody said...

Veggie Tales totally rocks, don't they???

I've never ever had to send a kid off to his/her first day of school...but some days, it seems like it would be a REALLY FUN THING TO DO, LOL! We've also, never bought back to school clothes, backpacks, lunch boxes, etc. Someday, this may all come up in therapy sessions!

Tracye said...

I think I like watching Veggie Tales more than the kids do!

Although, they do love it, too!

Chelsea said...

What an adorable backpack! Please share where you found it.