Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Another birthday cake (minus the pictures!)

I haven't posted in a while... so sorry about that.

Yesterday was my mil's birthday. I baked a cake (I haven't downloaded the pictures, yet, but will soon!) that Christian decorated herself. It was really... um... festive.

My mil is one of the sweetest people I know. She would give you anything she had to give if you needed it. Or just wanted it, for that matter.

She was invaluable to me when Hubs was gone. She came over just about every day to check on us. She'd play with the kids so I could have a minute to myself or do laundry or pay bills or whatever. Many evenings she'd come pick them up and take them with her to (gasp!) Chuck-E-Cheese or McDonald's for a few hours. The difference in her taking them to Mickey D's and me taking them is that she actually gets out and lets them play; I just go to the drive-thru.

She plays with them. And I mean really plays. When she's with them, she's 100% with them. She listens to them, responds to them, and cares about what they want.

When we told her (seven years ago!) that we were expecting our first baby, she went right out and bought herself a keychain that reads, "World's Best Grandma." Her cell phone message says, "You've reached Christian's Grandma..."

She absolutely loves those kids. And they know it. And I know it. And she makes darn sure everyone she comes into contact with knows it.

She is, as Dr. Phil says, "their soft place to land." I had a Gramma like that. Just typing that brings tears to my eyes, because after all these years, I still miss her so much.

And I am so glad that God gave me the mil that He did. She's perfect for us. Every one of us. And we all love her so very much, because of the person she is.

Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

Did you get my email??? I am not sure if I have a current email address for you....


Kelsey said...

I agree. You've got a pretty awesome mother-in-law if I do say so myself! :)

Erin said...

its always nice to hear about a good in laws. my MIL is pretty awesome too. she takes N every friday for a couple hours. and she plays pretty tough with him. he usually sleeps thru the night and then some when he gets home. who says they are all evil?