Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy (late) 4th!

We (as I'm sure every other American) had a very busy weekend.

Friday we went to a friend's house for a party. Grilled steak, shrimp, a good swim. Oh, and a broken taillight. Yep. That tree sneaked right up behind me. They have lots and lots of oak trees lining their (long) driveway, and somehow one jumped right out just as I was backing up.

Hubs left the party early to go to work. I was bugging him about why he had to work, since he's the boss. He said he couldn't make so many people work on their day off, a national holiday, and not show up himself. Blah, blah, blah-dity-blah. (Side note: he said it was one of the slowest holidays he's ever seen. He went to a call where somebody was shooting guns instead of fireworks, and there were probably eight other cops there! The lieutenant of that shift said he normally doesn't have that many people covering the entire city on any given night, much less available to show up at one call!)
The kids and I left the party and got home with just enough time to stash the wet towels and swimsuits and grab the water bottles and folding chairs. We headed downtown to watch the city's display... and hubs met us at "our spot" to watch with us.

They were really beautiful. My friend Melanie was down from Oregon, and her family was already there when we drove up. Here is Christian and Mel's daughter, Tenley, watching.

It was actually a fairly wet weekend. Saturday we slept late (since we were out/up late Friday night) and didn't do much. Hubs left to help a friend, and I heard continuous, loud noises. I looked outside, and the flag in our yard was flying straight out! The wind was really whipping... and the rain came shortly after.

Saturday afternoon we went to hub's parents' house for lunch, which turned into an impromptu party. People just kept showing up. The kids went to watch Barbie Mariposa, and the men (and I) watched the latest (lame) Rambo movie. Not that I like action movies... but I was kind of outnumbered. Food Network (and HGTV) was not even on their radar. :) After it ended, we went outside and hubs and his cousin lit up the night sky. It was really fun... and the first year that Christian actually stayed outside while the pyromaniacs did their thing.

It was another after-midnight bedtime for us... so we slept late Sunday. Hubs mowed and cleaned up around the yard, while I straightened up inside. We grilled steaks and mushrooms on the pit, and I steamed cauliflower and baked potatoes inside. It was our first outdoor meal of the summer... and it was great. Until the hurricane-force winds and rain swept through!

As I type this, I can hear that flag whipping, and the rain coming down.

I'm sure it's because both Christian and Cullen are finally over their bug and able to run around outside!


Erin said...

i hate when trees jump out in front of me 2!! darn things..

Jenn said...

Crazy trees...

I caught a few pyrotechnics on my drive home from my parents house. The Cop was working 3-3 in the God sent fireworks and rain. We had quite the storms and rain here all weekend too. Scary!

Happy 4th!