Friday, June 27, 2008

The Stethoscope Cake... a.k.a. The Big Blue Blob With Someone Standing Next to it Cake

Her eyes looked fine to me.

Non-injuries aside, she loved the cake. Or she's missed her calling and needs to ditch the stethoscope for Hollywood. She just kept pointing at the sugar model of her husband and laughing and saying it was too perfect and looked just like him. I try. I really, really try.

She had me take the cake to her husband's office for her, since it wouldn't fit in her car! She wanted his staff to put it where he wouldn't find it, so she could surprise him. He was supposed to get to the office in the afternoon... but he got there early. He was standing behind the receptionist at the window when I walked up. So I (with my lightning quick wit and reflexes of a cat) jumped away from the window and pretended to be fascinated by the Ellen show credits on the TV in the corner until he walked away. Then I slyly approached the window and quietly (since he returned to the window just after I did; good Lord, will this man go check somebody's something???) tried to tell the receptionist why I was there and allay her fears that I was an insane stalker.

I brought the cake in, and staff and the other doctors at the practice came to look. They all said it was really cute. I heard many times, "It looks *just* like him."

Although I'm pretty certain they aren't issuing sequined scrubs at the hospital.

Got a little carried away with the glitter. Wouldn't you know that stinkin' camera would choose today to let them shine.

This cake was, from the beginning, a disaster. It quite honestly looks nothing like a stethoscope. I had to cut parts of it away (those parts are even now mocking me from the fridge) and reshape it. The fondant is blue because the dark brown (which was trying very hard to be black) fondant was being ugly to me and wouldn't stretch. Which means I kneaded and rolled and kneaded and rolled... only to have the fondant tear once I put it on. Last night I was ready to throw the whole thing in the trash and call HEB to make me a sheet cake. I was literally about to pass out or throw up or throw up and then pass out. So next time I won't drink while I decorate. But I kid.

It was a vanilla cake (very moist, very light) with strawberry filling and buttercream icing. There is that dark brown (chocolate) fondant under the blue. Without the chocolate, it tasted very similar to strawberry shortcake. I've never known chocolate to spoil a good dessert... so I'm sure it added to the deliciousness. The "Happy Birthday" banner is white chocolate.

The good news is: she was happy with it... and it's over.

I will never bake again.

Or at least not today.

Excuse me now, while I use cake to calm my agitated nerves.


3girlsmom said...

I totally tagged you. Go here
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Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

I think that looks as much like a stethoscope as any cake can. I'm amazed, cuz I was completely baffled at how you were gonna pull it off. Great job!