Monday, June 9, 2008

Little monkey

Today I was wasting time broadening my horizons on the net, when I heard a strange noise.

Knowing Cullen was awake, and roaming free, I went to investigate.

I would post a picture of what I found, but would have risked his neck to take the time to find the camera.

He was standing...

on top of...


Lord, help us survive the terrible twos... which my mil insists he's entering six months early.



3girlsmom said...

Read this post. It's dated March 27.
I feel your pain, my friend.

Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

Oh, my son did this too! We had hard tile floors at the time and it made me nuts. I finally ended up moving all the chairs into another room during the day. He, of course, thought Mommy's reaction each time I caught him was hysterical. He would throw himself off and always land on his feet, but stop my heart in the process.

Tracye said...

He did it again today!

We have ceramic tile floors, too, so it freaks me out to see him sitting there, having a grand old time!

Jenn said...

Miss Bee once stood up in a rocking chair. Freaked the fool out of me!

Let's hope it grows old really soon and he abandons his perch.