Monday, June 2, 2008

How did this happen???

My baby is no longer a baby.

And I want to know right now: Who gave her permission to grow up??? It certainly wasn't me.

Today she graduates from kindergarten.

Be still, my beating heart. No, bleeding heart. Next time I turn around, she'll be getting her driver's license. And then going off to college. Then married. She says she's not having kids, because she thinks it's going to hurt "when the baby breaks your bubble." She always sticks her finger out like she's poking something when she says this. Not quite sure what she's talking about... but it does hurt!

I remember the evening she was born. That was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. Cullen was a cakewalk compared to Christian. She was 9 pounds, 4 ounces of beautiful baby. And mad, Lord, was she mad! Apparently she wasn't ready to leave her warm, cozy home!

Six years have passed, and she's only grown more beautiful. She's so smart, and funny. Her latest joke:

Christian: "Knock knock."
Me: "Who's there?"
Christian: "The interrupting cow."
Me: "The interupting c-"
Christian (so excited she's wiggling): "MOO!!!"

This cracks me up every time.

But, I digress.

I know it's only kindergarten. I know she's only six. It's just that it seems like only yesterday we had to hold her all the time, or carry her everywhere.

I remember when she was about nine months old, I was walking her to her classroom, and I was so engrossed in telling her how beautiful she was and kissing her little baby head that I didn't even notice my pastor walking up next to me. He startled me when I realized he was there; I only had eyes for that perfect baby. I used to tell her (and actually still do!) that she was the most beautiful girl in the whole wide world. Iheard another mommy telling her baby (in Christian's daycare class) the same thing, and thought she was crazy! At lunch one day, a parent came to the teachers' table, and told me that she loved to watch me carry Christian to the car every day after school. She said it was just so precious to see me whispering to her and kissing her and just cherishing her. I was so engrossed with everything about her.

Here was her first day of school this year:

And last year, K4:
And K3:
I'm sure later today I'll be an incoherent blubbering mass of snot and tears. So I'm taking the time now to honor my little graduate.

(And she is the most beautiful girl in the whole wide world.)


Jenn said...

I can agree she's the most beautiful 6 year old I "know". Her hair is beautiful!!!

Time passes way to quickly. Sweet Pea is now crawling! When did that happen??

Tracye said...

I know... since my niece was born, I have to rephrase "most beautiful girl in the whole wide world"!

I'm totally jealous of her hair.

They grow up so fast! Next comes walking, then school, then graduation, etc... It kills me.

Anonymous said...

just think, my baby boy is going to be 37 this year. it seems like a few days ago he was little. he never really was little. he always thought he was grown and knew more than his parents or any adults. maybe he did. my fishing fool. just love them and let the little things go. they are so cute. have a nice day. mil

bubba said...

Hey sis,
I may be a bit partial, but I'm glad you revised the "most beautiful girl in the world" compliment. My neice is definately a beauty, no mistaking that. But, as you said when overhearing another parent praising their childs beauty...."What are they talking about? Have they not seen MY CHILD???"
I think every parent feels that way. The hair is going to be chopped soon. We're going to donate it to "Locks For Love", the group who takes real hair and makes wigs for children with cancer.
You know how emotional I get, right? We went to Jr.'s end of year program today. He had a part in a skit which he didn't tell us about. He then receives the Principal's award, which they only give 2 awards for. I was crying like a baby. I realize that's ammo for your husband, but I'm man enough to show emotion. He'll call it something else.
Yep...they grow up tooooo guickly. We keep threatening to stack books on his head to stop him from growing. I know that we will, & are supposed to cherish each phase of their life, but I like the age he's at now. I like him to be my little buddy. Soon he'll be growing, matureing, developing, testosterone kicks in, and he'll be "challenging" me. I'll have to act tougher than I am to avoid being made to look like a punk. Again...probably more ammo for your husband.
And I look forward to when he'll be older, there will be differnt, more fun things we can do together. He'll be able to change my diapers for a change!! make a long story longer; your daughter is the minute...cherish it. Embrace it. Look forward to it. Look forward to the woman she will one day be, and the memories you will make together being each other's best friend.
It's an awesome thing, and one of the 4 reasons I have to smile when I wake up in the morning. Be careful on your trip & have fun. Oh yeah, buy me something.

kelsey said...

That's heart-melting stuff right there! She's definitely a cutie and I can't believe she's already out of kindergarten! She's growing like a weed. Hope ya'll have a safe and fun trip.

Erin said...

those graduation pics are too cute!! she looks like a ham.

Tracye said...

Dang, Bub, write a book next time! ;)


Erin, she *is* a ham! That's exactly what my mom said when she saw the pics.

Rick said...

Cute photos. Our oldest is getting married in Oct. She never got my permission to grow up either. They just do that. At least the young man asked permission to marry her. What was I going to say? "You can't marry her, she's still a baby?"