Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cra-zazy week... take two

Okay... so here I go again with the posting of two-week-old events.

Hubs and Christian drove home from Quantico, together. It took them about five days... but two were spent in Nashville with my mom. They got home Thursday, and my mom flew in Friday. Our annual (summertime) family reunion was being held Saturday, in a little town near College Station. So, after four days of driving, hubs and Christian had to hop back in a car, and drive three hours to the family reunion, three hours home, and the next day two hours to Houston to take my mom to the airport. And back home. Hubs spent (and told many, many, *MANY* people) 40 hours on the road that week.

While they were driving, I was baking. My extended family has only seen pictures of the cakes I've made... and needed proof that I was really capable of them! Oh, I kid. Kind of. Anyway, I made another swimming pool (since it's a summertime reunion, and when I was little it was never without a swim in the Texas-shaped swimming pool)

and a birthday cake for my Great Aunt MJ. She turned 91 a couple months ago. She's my grandmother's sister, and the last of 9 siblings. Her husband died around her birthday, so she's been down. I wanted to make something special, just to honor her.

And now, for the photographic extravaganza you've all both been waiting for:

MJ, the birthday girl! I've always thought she was beautiful, and still do! This woman is *NEVER* without lipstick and jewelry, ya'll. I could stand to read a page from her book. ;)

The Extended Fam looking at a family tree diagram. That thing was amazing! I think someone's going to try to update it. It's my grandmother's parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and I think great-great-grandparents. It stops with my grandmother's generation.

More of the looking at the pictures and what-not.

After much merriment and excitement, hubs Cullen needed a nap... and so fell asleep during family discussion (known by the elder members of the group as tattle-taling!) time. It was fun to hear about all their shenanigans when they were young!

Two hams, mugging for the camera. And Mimi is only too happy to oblige!

Cullen, post-nap, ready to do some damage.

I would be remiss if I didn't post pictures of the cakes... since that is why I started the whole blogging thing.

I believe I've mentioned one or four times how much I despise my camera! This cake was very elegant, and you know an elegant cake has to be radioactive with edible glitter. Which my camera does not capture. But it sparkled, ya'll.

And, no, I was *not* going to attempt a Texas-shaped swimming pool. My mom snarkily no, snarkily is right, thought I should.

On the (LONG) way home, hubs found a historical marker that honored one of his ancestors... so we got some pics of him and Christian in front of it. He was one of the first botanists/scientists in Texas. And one of the first M.D.'s to try to use herbal remedies. Ancestor. Not hubs.

Just for fun, I thought I'd post a picture of a sign I saw on the way home. It was next door to a store we used for a little leg-stretching.

Only in Texas. Ya'll.


Jenn said...

Your busy weeks sound like they ended with lots of fun!

BTW I love cullen's hair now...no more buzz cuts...okay?

Tracye said...

You know it!!!

He is no longer allowed to go with his Daddy to the "chop shop."