Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Teacher Cakes

Christian wanted to make cakes for her teachers as a "Thank You" for all their hard work this year. She has two teachers that team teach their class of about 45, I think.

She measured the ingredients, mixed everything, and poured the batter in the pans. Once the cakes were ready to decorate, she cut out polka dots and glued them on. She also rolled out many, many balls.

We just delivered them a little while ago, along with a Thank You note.

I think they turned out cute... if a little busy! We definitely went overboard with the decorations!
The bottom tier is six inches, the middle is four, and the top is two. The whole thing is about a foot tall. They're a little Dr. Seuss-ish. I wanted each one to lean a little more, but didn't want cake to end up all over the floor.
Which just about happened, anyway. I gave Christian one cake to carry, and I had one... when the weight shifted. Luckily I saw and immediately grabbed her box before the cake flipped out. One of the pink "buttons" on the top tier came loose, but I glued it back in place, and off we went... me holding one cake, her rolling one cake in a chair!


Anonymous said...

I have a suggestion for your photos. Get some black fabric for the table and as a backdrop. Make sure it is dull with no shine, I think you are getting too much reflection off your table. Let me know if it works any better!


Tracye said...

Thanks. I'll try it.

I have a bolt of chocolate brown velvet... not black, but very dark.

I'll try that first.

Anonymous said...

Try it on the reverse side of the fabric. It will have less shine. Velvet has more shine than you think. Actually try both ways...


Jenn said...

Mmmmmm~ I wanna taste!

Those are awesome!