Monday, May 19, 2008

So I'm Lazy. So what?

I'm tired. I stayed up too late last night. How is that different from any other night, you ask? Shuttee.

Anyway, I decided to feed my kids cereal for dinner. Don't act like you've never done that.

I think in my laziness, I created much more work for myself.

So I'll be scrubbing every inch of him, his highchair, and the floor later.

Oh the joy.


Jenn said...

Mercy he's cute!!! (even covered in dinner!) His hair is growing nicely too!.

Anonymous said...

That boy needs a hair cut!

Tracye said...

I think he's adorable... even with his hair.

Thank you Jenn, I think it looks nice as well.

"High and Tight" isn't for everyone!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy it while I am away. Did you ever find his Marines shirt?

Tracye said...

Nope. You lost it good. I think it's gone forever.

Get another one.

Anonymous said...

I will get him another one.

Kelsey said...

You want to hear lazy? Last night Rick and I were supposed to go to our final session of the fitness boot camp we signed up for. We got dressed in our gym clothes, packed our weights, and put on our tennis shoes. It was a little early, so we decided to lounge for a few minutes, you know, to prepare for the misery we were about to endure. Well, the lounging quickly turned in to both of us falling asleep. At 5:30pm! We woke up around 10pm, ate some, ahem, cereal for dinner, then promptly went back to sleep. Yes, we are quite proud. :)

Anonymous said...

I told Fred he should have married better! You should quit slowing that hard charging workout machine down. I bet he could not lift two twelve packs at a time anymore.

Tracye said...

Good for you guys!!!

I always say, the only exercise anybody needs are frequent trips from the fridge to the couch.