Friday, May 9, 2008

Record Player Cake

Christian's teacher's church is having a fund raiser for a missions trip to Massachusetts. She said there's a town (I forgot the name) that has fewer evangelical churches than anywhere else in the nation. She said they are going there to spread the story of Jesus with people who have never heard of Him before... right here in America! That blows my mind.

Anyway, it's a 50's themed fund raiser, and she asked me to make a cake. I think it's for an auction, but I'm not sure.

This is what I came up with:

I really hate my camera! These pictures don't show the patterened cake board I did, or the sparkles... or any detail, really. The little girl is wearing saddle shoes, and has a tiny flower belt buckle on her tiny black belt.

Here's a close-up of the record label before I put it on the turntable. It's entirely chocolate.

This was another chocoholic's dream cake. It was chocolate almond cake that I soaked in vanilla-almond syrup, with vanilla buttercream under the marshmallow fondant. Unfortunately, I have some cake left over from leveling the tops. I guess I'm just going to have to eat it. It would be a shame to throw it in the trash, right?

Just one of the hazards of cake-making.


justlovehim said...

Oh. My. That. Looks. So. YUMMY!!!! You are amazing, girl!

Huse Blog is it Anyway? said...

Seriously, girl...your work is amazing!

Tracye said...

Thanks! It's a lot of fun to do... just wish it wasn't so horribly bad for you!

Why can't carrots look and taste this good???

Jenn said...

Wow! To say I'm impressed doesn't begin to do justice to your art! Awesome!

Cake leftovers must be eaten. Rule #1 of baking.

3girlsmom said...

A CRYING shame! Eat it, girl.
Awesome cake, by the way.
Also, my daughter's birthday party is tomorrow- the theme is "Movie Star". Think you could whip one up and run it over here to Alabama by 3:15 pm? Didn't think so. I'd soooo be a customer if we were close by. For sure.

Tracye said...

Chocolate cake for breakfast... yum!!! Just had to make sure Christian didn't see! I'd never live it down.

Sure, I could whip something up for you! Now, whether or not I could get it to AL is another story!

hazel said...

Hi Tracye! I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day! You are a winner in my giveaway!
Please click the link below for all the info I will need to paint your keychain. Congratulations! Hazel

Anonymous said...

The cake looks great dear. Sorry Mother's Day was so "eventful". Does my little man need another hair cut? They only give it one way around here. High and Tight! I got mine done last week.

Anonymous said...

Your attention to detail is amazing. I love the "Sun Records" logo. I dig that kind of thing. I don't think too many know about the Sun Records history. Maybe older folks. Alot of the older Country artists recorded there, too.
Take care & love you,
Big Brother

kirsty said...

hi tracy my name is kirsty and im from Australia, iv just come across your blood wounderful cakes, you my dear are very very good i wish i had half of what youve got.ive been asked to do a record player for a friends aunty,would you mind helping me out? the cake its self and fondant are fine, i just need help with the record, how did you get it all soooooo even i mean the lines around the record. do you use a special tool.and the yellow in the middle. thanks so much,cheers kirsty from AUSSIE.

Kimberly said...

I wish I could order that cake for my wedding! I found this because I'm making a record album cake for my wedding cake. We had our first date at Sun Studio, so I wonder if you'd mind telling me how you made the Sun label and how you got such neat grooves? I would be eternally grateful!

Tracye said...
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Cass said...

Hi Tracye! I love reading your blog and seeing pictures of your family. Your children are beautiful!
I was wondering if I could have the detailed directions for the record player cake. Did you use fondant for the little records that are scattered over the cake as well?
I'm a bit worried about using black fondant, so I'm going to make chocolate marsh fondant and hopefully I won't need to use as much coloring. Any help would be wonderful!


Casandra Anthony

Anonymous said...

Hi there Tracye! I've been searching the internet for days.. haha, looking for a record player cake, - yours looks absoulutely PERFECT! My sister's b-day is coming up, VERY soon, and it is a record player cake that I would like to do.. (disco theme). Would you be willing to provide me w/ details on the decorating? I can make the cake, and do the fondant layering, but - it's th details,.. the arm, the record, etc. What kind fo ingrediants did you use?.. Certain kind of choclate, fondant, etc. How about time also, how long did this take you? Anyways, any information would be much appreciated. Thanks so much. Please email me!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracey, love your website. I was admiring the record player cake. I need to do one for a 70s party on December 6 and wondered how you were able to get the lines in the album. Can you e-mail me at I would appreciate it and I love the baby on the home page and the scripture. I love Jesus!