Thursday, May 8, 2008

Don't bad things come in threes?

Because we seem to have had more than our share lately.

I mentioned the kids' vomit spells last week, and the refrigerator/freezer yesterday.

What I didn't mention was that the dog got out Saturday night. After dragging the trash can to the back yard to clean the rabbit's cage, I forgot to close the gate. We had to get dressed and leave for the birthday party (the dump truck cake party) as soon as we woke up Sunday, and when we got home late Sunday afternoon, we all took a nap. That evening, my neighbor came over and mentioned that when he had gotten home from a fishing trip that afternoon, he noticed the gate was open. He went into the backyard and looked around, but couldn't find Bo.

So Christian and I drove around the neighborhood, calling for him, and asking anybody we saw if they had seen him. Only one person had, and that was late Saturday night. We went home, and put food and water on the porch, in case he came home.

Neither of us slept much that night. I kept getting up and checking the front porch, hoping I would find him curled up asleep in front of the door.

We got up and got dressed, and I took her to school. She asked if we could drive around a little before school, so we did... but didn't find him. I dropped her off, and was about to head to the nearby highway, thinking he had gotten hit by a car. The Holy Spirit led me in the opposite direction instead. I was driving down a busy street in our neighborhood, near tears, when I looked to the left. There he was, picking his way through an overgrown field, one street over and about six houses down from mine.

I slammed on the brakes (and then remembered to check the rearview mirror to see if anyone was behind me, which they weren't, hallelujah!) and jumped out of the truck, yelling for him. He looked exhausted, but ran to me, and I hugged that big stinky dog, and opened the cab of the truck for him to sit up front. I was barely able to drive around the block to my house, for all the tears. I praised God the whole way back, laughing through my tears. My husband and I have been married for 11 years, and we got Bo a couple weeks after our first anniversary. I never realized how much I would hurt and miss him...

I also didn't mention our boat.

Hubs loves to fish. No, that's not quite true. Hubs lives to fish.

He has an exceptionally stressful job, and that's his outlet. That's what calms him down, relaxes him, and helps make life bearable. He doesn't get to go too often (and Honey Bear, if you're reading this, that doesn't mean you get to go more often!) but he's a country boy and absolutely is at home on the water or in the woods.

A couple years ago we were blessed with a brand new aluminum bass boat. He was sooooo proud! He'd had a really old, really run-down, always-breaking-down bass boat, and never really thought we'd be able to afford a new one... but we did.

So, since he's going to be gone for so long, near (from what I'm told) great fishing waters, he towed that boat all the way to Quantico! The day he got there, the other NA attendees were ecstatic that "somebody brought a boat!!!" They all wanted to go fishing. He's gone just about every weekend. He even entered (and won!) a tournament with the 14 year old son of somebody he met up there.

He's been fishing a couple of times with Carlos Hathcock, III. Carlos Hathcock II, was a USMC sniper with 93 confirmed kills and more than 300 probable kills during the Vietnam War. The North Vietnamese Army even put a bounty of $30,000 on his life for killing so many of their men. Rewards put on U.S. snipers by the N.V.A. typically amounted to only $8. His most famous accomplishment was shooting an enemy sniper through his scope, hitting him in the eye and killing him... but I digress.

Last weekend he went out fishing on the Potomac, alone, and something went wrong with the boat motor. He had to be towed back to the dock. He found a marine mechanic, and took it in. Today he got the news that the motor is destroyed. Apparently a part failed, and to repair the motor will amount to nearly $4,000. That's four. Thousand. Dollars.

I don't know about any of you, but we don't have $4,000 just waiting around for us to decide how to spend.

Hubs is absolutely sick over this. For the last six+ years, he's had foggy visions of the future that include him taking the kids fishing, while I relax in a spa somewhere, sipping raspberry tea and getting a manicure while someone rubs my feet with sweet-smelling emollients. Okay, so maybe part of that is my foggy vision.

He already told me he'll start looking around to find out what he can get for the boat, with the motor blown, so that we can pay off the boat loan, and be boat-less. Never in my life have I been boat-less. My dad always had a boat while I was growing up, and hubs had one since before we were married. It's fun to just ride around the lake, or read for an afternoon while they fish, or play on a sandbar.

I know it's dumb, but I'm really sad. Just today Christian was telling me how much fun we had last summer on the lake, and how she can't wait until Daddy gets home so we can take the boat to the private beach we found on the lake shore.

I've already prayed for a miracle. I know the Word says He will give us the desires of our hearts. I also know there's a Scripture that says something about the Devil having to pay back 7 times what he steals... but I can't remember the reference.

If any of you can remember the reference, I'd really appreciate it.

I'd also appreciate some prayers in this direction when you think about it! I'm ready for the good and perfect gifts. I'm ready for Hubs to come home.

We all are.


Jenn said...

Thank goodness Bo is back home where he belongs. It's amazing how important these pets become to our families.

Poor Hubs. I'm so sorry about the boat. The Cop has some similar stuff going on with his bike. He wants to sell it because he doesn't ride it, but struggles with actually letting it go. I will definitely ask for some divine serendipity in the boat department.

justlovehim said...

I don't remember the bible reference. I am so sorry about your boat, and your pup! So glad the pup made it back, and as for the boat...well, I hope you can sell it!

Tracye said...

We went to Wal-Mart after school today and bought a new collar, and had a rainbow-colored, bone-shaped dog ID tag engraved for him! He's stylin' now! Hopefully I won't be such an idiot and leave the gate open again, but if he ever gets out, at least our address and phone number is on there.