Saturday, May 3, 2008

Braeden's Dump Truck

I am happy to report that nobody in my family is contagious!!! I'm still fighting a sore throat and
fatigue, but that's really about it. Now, for the fun stuff:

I've been wanting to make a vehicle cake for quite some time... and here was my opportunity.

My friend's son is turning two, and she's doing a construction-theme party. She told me I didn't have to make it 3-D... but if I didn't do it I'd miss my chance to try! Sooooo many things I wish I had done different; live and learn! Hopefully the next one will be better.
The cake is chocolate almond, with Mexican hot chocolate filling. Christian and I tasted the scraps, and I don't mean to brag, but this is one delicious cake! Definately for the chocolate lover!

The tires are sculpted chocolate, and the little sign on the back is piped chocolate. I piped two signs, one for each side of the truck, but it ended up looking a lot better on the back. The dirt is leftover scraps of cake.

I would be chewed out remiss if I didn't tell you that my dad helped me on this cake. I was rolling yellow fondant for the trim, and he took a few passes at it. Didn't he do a great job??? He also got in the way helped roll out the black for the front bumper. His yammering opinions were invaluable to me. He suggested making the bumper flat, instead of a tube, and made some suggestions about colors and placement of things. The "CAT" on the roof was also his idea. He just really, really wanted a logo somewhere!

Thanks, Dad! I really enjoyed having you here while I worked... and I really do appreciate your opinion.

Now, go get Pat to help you turn off the computer. ;)


Jenn said...

Mmmmmm...Yummy! Me? I like cake. It usually doesn't matter what it looks like. Yours? I'd eat any one of them. Just let me at them!

I may need to commission you to do a cake for the Cop's 40th...good thing I have almost 2 years to figure out what I want.

Southerner said...

I did a fire engine for my son one year and I was using the gel coloring to add to my icing for the red. I kept adding and ended up using everything that I had in the bottle and still could not get it red. We had a very dark pink fire engine. Nothing boys like better than to have a pink cake for their birthday. Your cakes are awesome and I hope that you are getting a business going because you are very talented. I end up yelling at my kids if I try to get too complicated and have to really work on a cake. Nice pre birthday memories- mom sitting in the kitchen decorating and when you walk in she turns to look at you(are you thinking Exorcist eyes yet?) and yells at you to leave her alone. Yep, lovely.

Erin said...

that looks wonderful!! so impressive

Anonymous said...

It turned out great dear.

Tracye said...

Thanks guys!

Jenn, this one, I thought, was particularly delicious... what with all the chocolatey goodness!

Southerner, I have made some pretty great memories with my kids, too! I know exactly what eyes you're talking about! I just hope my kids don't end up in the fetal position on a couch someday talking to a therapist about it!

And thanks, Erin and "anonymous"!

Cheryl said...

Hi there! I just googled '3D dump truck cake' and I clicked on this link first! I am glad I did.
I have an order for a dump truck cake...could you e-mail me how you stick the fondant on and that it actually stays? (I am a Christian too!--stay at home mom of 5 with a cake decorating business to keep me out of trouble, lol)
I have a tough time with fondant and need to get myself into a course or something to learn more about it. I have worked with Marshmallow Fondant..and made a really nice fondant--double boiler style..however..I don't seem to be able to cover a cake very well.. :(
Anyhow..any input would be so gratefully appreciated! Thanks! & Fabulous cake!!
(I am gonna subscribe to Blogspot too!) ~Cheryl