Thursday, April 24, 2008

Random all about me stuff

I like tagging/question/all about me bloggy thingys. Here's another one. And yes, I copied from Robyn, who copied from Queen B who copied from Lisa who probably copied from someone else.

Where is your cell phone? In my purse in the car in the garage.

Your significant other? In Quantico, Virginia at FBI National Academy. :( for me, :) for him.

Your hair? Just done today! Looking goo-ood.

Your mother? In Nashville.

Your father? 30 minutes south of here.

Your favorite thing? The smell of my kids' hairline after the "shampoo" smell has worn off.

Your dream last night? Frosting cakes. I hate those dreams. It never goes well, and I'm always freaking out about it.

Your favorite drink? Regular, plain, old fashioned Coke. Sometimes Dr. Pepper. Sometimes Pibb Xtra.

Your dream/goal? Dream - to sing. Goal - get better at cake decorating.

The room you are in? my bedroom

Your ex? This is my only marriage--celebrated 11 years in January.

Your fear? I'm going to forget to pay a big bill (an un-named, cloudy, foggy, un-known bill) and something really bad is going to happen.

Where do you want to be in 6 years? 6 years older than I am now. With kids who don't need diapers. Thank the dear Lord above. (Great answer, Robyn!)

Where were you last night? at Christian's baseball game. It was my snack night. I made really cute cupcakes decorated like baseballs with each kid's number on them, and wouldn't you know I forgot to take a picture!?!

What you are not? Thin!

Muffins? blueberry or poppyseed

One of your wish list items? To go to pastry school.

Where you grew up? south Texas

The last thing you did? helped Christian with her homework

What are you wearing? t-shirt and jeans

Your TV? off. (although Christian is watching Clifford in the living room)

Your pets? golden retriever named Bo, and a bunny named Snowy.

Your computer? an old Dell. but it was a gift, so I'm not complaining!

Your life? kind of stressful right now. looking forward to summer.

Your mood? all over the place!

Missing someone? Yep, Honey Bear

Your car? Expedition

Something you are not wearing? Ummm, a bikini? Kidding. Socks. I'm not wearing socks.

Favorite store? Target

Your summer? HOT!!!

Like someone? Like a lot of people.

Your favorite color? Red. My hallway and the ceiling in the living room are red.

When is the last time you laughed? After school talking with my friend Dara in the driveway.

Last time you cried? When Honey Bear left. I think. I may have cried since then, but I don't remember.

Who will repost this? Who knows?


3girlsmom said...

"Honey Bear?" TMI, my friend. ;)
Thanks for the props. I wasn't kidding about where I want to be in 6 years. Either that or Bora Bora.
Have a happy Thursday!

PS, my word verification is
If the j were silent, it would say "U r fahat = You Are Fat." Thanks, word verification picker. Exactly what I needed today. Ugh.

Jenn said...

I'm has been nutso this month. I'll grab your random stuff thingy and post it in the next few days. I never have been good at this "journaling" stuff.

Sorry to have worried you. You can always ping me at jennebug86[at]yahoo[dot]com if I go awol again.

Lisa @ Take90West said...

It's good to find another Coke girl! I have a golden too...great meme!

Erin said...

i really like ur signature icon. that is so cute!!

Tami said...

THanks for stopping by my blog and giving me the great comments about SAHM. I'll be stopping by yours again to get to know you better.

E-Dub said...

Hi, thanks for participating in my Journey survey! I heart Journey. And I'm listening to Faithfully right now..."Circus life, under the big top world..." what does that even mean? I LOVE IT! (:

Lisa said...

Tracy, Just read your message on my blog. I didn't realize Lorraine would be in AUSTIN. That's awesome. I would love to go as I have a good (cyber) friend that lives in Austin and it would be a good excuse to see her as well.

Maybe we'll get a chance to meet then; IF we can get signed up first (which may be difficult...) Let me know if you hear anything else.