Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ladies' Bible Study

My church has a ladies' Bible study every Tuesday. It's almost like a mini church service, because they start with prayer partners who will pray with you about anything you need prayer for. They have soft worship music playing, and then they get into the Word. Each week a different lady leads the study, but they're all linked by a common theme. After the group study, we break up into small groups for discussion.

I didn't take great notes, because Christian was with me. It was right after her dentist appointment. She was watching a movie on her portable DVD player with headphones on, and kept talking inappropriately loudly to me, so I had to keep shushing her. So I had one ear tuned on the study, and one ear waiting for her to begin to speak. :)

I'm just going to list some things that impressed me:

What is your response when bad things happen? What comes up out of you when something comes against you? Obviously, last night my response wasn't great. This morning after I took Christian to school, I was unloading the dishwasher, and began thinking all kinds of "what ifs." What if something is wrong, because Cullen has been asleep for almost 14 hours now? What if Christian's teeth and mouth don't heal right? What if something happens while hubs is gone? What if something happens to him on his way home? I got really mad. I was mad that Cullen was sick, mad that baby Ethan had died, mad that I lost my baby, mad about strife, mad that Christian is having some trouble. I thought about my old school's third grade teacher, and how whenever anybody told her about something going wrong in their lives, she'd stomp her foot and say, "That lyin' devil." It just made me soooooo angry. I began praying right then. Did some serious spiritual warfare. Told the devil he's not welcome here. He's not welcome around my family or friends. Kicked him right out the door. And then heard the angelic sound of Cullen talking in his room.

The sword of the Spirit is what should come out of your mouth.

Getting in shape hurts; staying in shape feels good. Physical and spiritual shape.

The Lord can make things so good that you actually have to be reminded of how bad the past hurt and stung.

He has made many promises in His Word, and it cost the blood of Jesus to give us these promises. We shouldn't take them lightly.

He is able to do exceedingly more than we could ask or imagine. In the words of a teacher I used to work with, "I have a really big imagination!" And yet, He can do exceedingly more.

A basketball that has had all the air taken out of it is soft enough that you can stomp on it. You can fold it up and shape it. Like a basketball full of air, if we fill up with God, nothing external can change our shape.

Your experiences in life will either push you to God, or away from Him. Choose you this day whom you will serve.


justlovehim said...

I love this. Through Christ, we have power over's not the other way around. So in many ways we can control our anger just by giving satan the boot.

Melissa said...

Very nicely written and well said.