Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Thee had a little akthident

Christian went to a friend's house yesterday... the same friend whose birthday party she went to on Saturday.

She came home a little after 5:00, wailing, holding a bag of ice to her mouth.

Her friend's mom said they had been chasing each other, playing hard, when the little girl slammed her bedroom door, as Christian was trying to run through it. Unfortunately, Christian's mouth bore the brunt of the impact. She had a little cut on her upper lip, but nothing that looked too terrible. You can see it in this self-portrait. :)

She, however, thought it was far too painful to go to tee ball practice. After three popsicles, she said she was still hurting, so I didn't make her go, but gave her a little grief about it.

Thankfully last week I made an appointment with her dentist for this morning.

The hygienist began cleaning her teeth, and said something about her mouth being swollen. Christian explained what happened, and I told her that all I had seen was the cut on her lip. She said, "You didn't see above the cut?" I told her no, I pulled her lip up last night, saw the cut, and thought that was all there was. She called me over and turned Christian's lip inside out so that I could see:

She has a small cut on the top lip, but the lip is also full of blood. The dentist called it a hemangioma. All night I thought she had been sticking her tongue between her teeth and lip, but it was just full of blood.

She also chipped a tooth, and knocked all of her upper front teeth backward. The dentist showed me the blood line up under her top teeth where they moved backward. They are now all loose.

This is not a picture of that. It's hard enough to get a six-year old to pull her lips over her head so I can record the moment for posterity... without having her hang upside down and do it... again... and again... and, once more, that one was a little fuzzy... and again...

And to think I gave her any grief at all!

He wants me to look for discolored teeth, which he expect, and for the swelling to go down. He doesn't know the extent of the damage, but they're baby teeth, so he's not too worried. I just have to make sure the swelling goes down. He said if it doesn't all that pooled blood could become infected, and she'd need antibiotics. He also said if the teeth become really discolored, he'll probably have to remove them. Ugh!

I really have teeth issues. I have a recurring nightmare of spitting out broken teeth and blood, until all my teeth are gone. Stuff like this really freaks me out!!! WHY DOES THIS STUFF ONLY HAPPEN WHEN HER FATHER IS AWAY???


3girlsmom said...

Yuck. Poor Christian! Tait bit through...yes, through...her tongue Sunday. For the 2nd time. She did it the 1st time last Jan. Still has the hole to prove it. Can't stitch it because it's in the middle of her tongue. Just like last time. So now she'll have 2 front-teeth-shaped holes in her tongue.
She's tough as nails and only cried for a minute. I'd still be crying.
I'm almost over the flu. I'm in the "respiratory stage". Aka - coughing my head off. Lovely.
How'd the cougar cake auction go?

Tracye said...

Oh. my. goodness.

Through her tongue??? Poor baby! I would have fainted. Fallen right over. And let hubs take over.

They called and said it went for (I think)between $500 and $600.

My pastor also made a cake... he's Joel Osteen's brother in law... I was told it was, um, I'll go with "simple." ;) It went for about $500, too!

You better get well, soon! I hate that stage. With Christian and my hubby it literally lasts for weeks... hopefully it won't for you, though!

Jenn said...

Good gracious! I'd be a basket case. Hopefully there's no permanent damage to her teeth...just maybe one or two come out a bit earlier.

Tracye said...

That's what I'm praying for!

And I kind of am a basket case right now... but muddling through!