Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Another prayer request, please

Hubs called tonight. He sounded like he was asleep. Turns out he'd been puking up everything he ate this month. As if that's not bad enough, he's got the, um, squishy poo. It's never fun, but most especially not fun when you're away from home... and your wife's not there to bring you chicken soup and Powerade.

Therein lies the request. He caught what Christian has, but won't go to a doctor. Apparently the doc on duty at the FBI National Academy kicks out and sends home anybody who may be contagious. Hubs plans to hole up in his room and wait it out. Unfortunately, his class is scheduled to run tomorrow. More sympathetic, I could not be.

Please lift him up in prayer. He has wanted to go to the NA for years, and has actually been invited two other times, but the other times were not good for our family. I was pregnant the first time, and had just had Cullen the second. I understand why he doesn't want to go to the doc, but as his wife, it bugs me. I mean, really. I'd rather him be healthy and whole at home than have to go see him in the hospital up there (and subsequently kicked out of NA) because he's really sick.

Since I haven't posted a cake picture in a while, here's a pic of his birthday cake... the one with the NA seal. Trust me, great cakes are coming! I've been diligently working on two. One's for Sunday; the other for next Friday. Neither are of objects I've attempted before.

On another note, I took Christian to the pediatrician today. We got there for the appointment that I scheduled yesterday, and were told her doc was sick and they were, "taking her in." Into what, I don't know. Anyway, we had to go back a few hours later to see the other doc in the practice, whom I'm not fond of. He thinks she had food poisoning, which I think is a bunch of bunk, since Cullen and I have eaten the same meals she has, and we're fine. I'm queasy, and a little run down, but that's it. He gave her a script for phenergan syrup (no more suppositories, thank you, God!) and an antibiotic that I have to give her FOUR TIMES A DAY FOR TEN DAYS, PEOPLE!!! I barely remember to shower daily, and I'm responsible for medicating her forty times?!? She seems to be feeling better. She has urinated TWO TIMES today. The first was not until I asked her about it at 11:30 this morning. The doc says she's definately dehydrated (ya think?) but not bad enough to be admitted and have an IV. She just has to start drinking. Which I'm having to force her to do.

Good times.


Rick said...

Really, squishy poo and vomit. Is that a side effect of a broken down boat motor or is it a secret recipe for some freaky bait? I wouldn't put either past him.

3girlsmom said...

Oh. Goodness. Ugh. Yeah, definitely praying for him. I'd rather have my eyes poked than throw up.

And I'll definitely use the words "squishy poo" again. That made me laugh.

Jenn said...

Poor fella. The only thing worse than being sick is being sick away from home.

Hope all of you are on the mend really soon...and that no one else gets sick.

Set a timer for the meds. I had a morning and night dose with my girls. I don't know what I'd have done if I'd had to do daytime stuff. I hate having the sitter give meds.