Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Another prayer request, please

Hubs called tonight. He sounded like he was asleep. Turns out he'd been puking up everything he ate this month. As if that's not bad enough, he's got the, um, squishy poo. It's never fun, but most especially not fun when you're away from home... and your wife's not there to bring you chicken soup and Powerade.

Therein lies the request. He caught what Christian has, but won't go to a doctor. Apparently the doc on duty at the FBI National Academy kicks out and sends home anybody who may be contagious. Hubs plans to hole up in his room and wait it out. Unfortunately, his class is scheduled to run tomorrow. More sympathetic, I could not be.

Please lift him up in prayer. He has wanted to go to the NA for years, and has actually been invited two other times, but the other times were not good for our family. I was pregnant the first time, and had just had Cullen the second. I understand why he doesn't want to go to the doc, but as his wife, it bugs me. I mean, really. I'd rather him be healthy and whole at home than have to go see him in the hospital up there (and subsequently kicked out of NA) because he's really sick.

Since I haven't posted a cake picture in a while, here's a pic of his birthday cake... the one with the NA seal. Trust me, great cakes are coming! I've been diligently working on two. One's for Sunday; the other for next Friday. Neither are of objects I've attempted before.

On another note, I took Christian to the pediatrician today. We got there for the appointment that I scheduled yesterday, and were told her doc was sick and they were, "taking her in." Into what, I don't know. Anyway, we had to go back a few hours later to see the other doc in the practice, whom I'm not fond of. He thinks she had food poisoning, which I think is a bunch of bunk, since Cullen and I have eaten the same meals she has, and we're fine. I'm queasy, and a little run down, but that's it. He gave her a script for phenergan syrup (no more suppositories, thank you, God!) and an antibiotic that I have to give her FOUR TIMES A DAY FOR TEN DAYS, PEOPLE!!! I barely remember to shower daily, and I'm responsible for medicating her forty times?!? She seems to be feeling better. She has urinated TWO TIMES today. The first was not until I asked her about it at 11:30 this morning. The doc says she's definately dehydrated (ya think?) but not bad enough to be admitted and have an IV. She just has to start drinking. Which I'm having to force her to do.

Good times.

Monday, April 28, 2008

7 Random Things

Robyn tagged me to write 7 random things about myself. Quite some time ago. Which brings me to my first random thing:

1. I am a horrible procrastinator. Why put off for tomorrow what you can do next week? As the line from a fave movie goes... "I'll think about it tomorrow."

2. I have a terrible memory. You can pretty much make up something we did together, and I'll believe it. I won't remember it, but I'll believe it. Which, I think, is what my brother does all the time. He's always "making up" something stupid I did when I was little. It's all lies, I tell you. Terrible, terrible memory. Except for useless knowledge. My memory for that is limitless.

3. I will do just about anything to get out of exercise.

4. I love crafting. Give me a good craft project, and I am in my element. Which is probably why I like making cakes. It's just like crafting, except it's edible.

5. I grew up never wanting kids, but now I have two, and want more.

6. I love a good nap... especially when it's raining and thundering.

7. I don't tan. Ever. I'd like to, I just don't. I burn, and then go back to pasty white skin. Seriously. My skin is the color of raw chicken legs in the grocery store. Stand back, men, I'm taken! :)

I'm not going to tag anyone. If you want to do this, leave a comment and I'll check yours out. I'm on puke patrol. Again.

Friday Christian woke up at one a.m. throwing up all over herself. I cleaned her up (and the carpet, and her sleeping bag, which thankfully she was sleeping in on top of my bed) and kicked her out of my bed to her room, lest she throw up on my "muy costoso" Neiman Marcus duvet cover... dry-clean only... what was I thinking??? Anyway. It was a good thing I did, because 30 minutes later, she was at it again. She pretty much threw up all. day. long. At one point I was patting her back (for some reason she is incapable of puking without me) and praying over her. I was whispering healing to her body. I paused whispering as she heaved again. She softly said a weak, "Amen." She's so precious. I really wasn't expecting her to even realize I was praying over her.

I had some phenergan suppositories, but she would have nothing to do with it. Not that I blame her.

Finally, I was deperate, and called her BFF's mom, who graduates from nursing school next month. She's already working in pediatrics at the hospital, so I figured she could help. She asked if I wanted her to come over and try giving Christian the suppository. I thought, "If that's how you want to spend your Friday night, be my guest." She gave it to her, no problemo. Wouldn't let me (not that I mind) but would let her friend's mom. She hasn't thrown up since.

Except at noon I was about to waste some time reading all my favorite blogs, clean up around the house, when I got a call from the school: Christian threw up in class. Fabulous. I brought her home, and she's been in the bathroom ever since. Only this time she's on the toilet instead of in front of it. I'll let that sink in...

So I guess we're going to the doctor tomorrow. Again.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Random all about me stuff

I like tagging/question/all about me bloggy thingys. Here's another one. And yes, I copied from Robyn, who copied from Queen B who copied from Lisa who probably copied from someone else.

Where is your cell phone? In my purse in the car in the garage.

Your significant other? In Quantico, Virginia at FBI National Academy. :( for me, :) for him.

Your hair? Just done today! Looking goo-ood.

Your mother? In Nashville.

Your father? 30 minutes south of here.

Your favorite thing? The smell of my kids' hairline after the "shampoo" smell has worn off.

Your dream last night? Frosting cakes. I hate those dreams. It never goes well, and I'm always freaking out about it.

Your favorite drink? Regular, plain, old fashioned Coke. Sometimes Dr. Pepper. Sometimes Pibb Xtra.

Your dream/goal? Dream - to sing. Goal - get better at cake decorating.

The room you are in? my bedroom

Your ex? This is my only marriage--celebrated 11 years in January.

Your fear? I'm going to forget to pay a big bill (an un-named, cloudy, foggy, un-known bill) and something really bad is going to happen.

Where do you want to be in 6 years? 6 years older than I am now. With kids who don't need diapers. Thank the dear Lord above. (Great answer, Robyn!)

Where were you last night? at Christian's baseball game. It was my snack night. I made really cute cupcakes decorated like baseballs with each kid's number on them, and wouldn't you know I forgot to take a picture!?!

What you are not? Thin!

Muffins? blueberry or poppyseed

One of your wish list items? To go to pastry school.

Where you grew up? south Texas

The last thing you did? helped Christian with her homework

What are you wearing? t-shirt and jeans

Your TV? off. (although Christian is watching Clifford in the living room)

Your pets? golden retriever named Bo, and a bunny named Snowy.

Your computer? an old Dell. but it was a gift, so I'm not complaining!

Your life? kind of stressful right now. looking forward to summer.

Your mood? all over the place!

Missing someone? Yep, Honey Bear

Your car? Expedition

Something you are not wearing? Ummm, a bikini? Kidding. Socks. I'm not wearing socks.

Favorite store? Target

Your summer? HOT!!!

Like someone? Like a lot of people.

Your favorite color? Red. My hallway and the ceiling in the living room are red.

When is the last time you laughed? After school talking with my friend Dara in the driveway.

Last time you cried? When Honey Bear left. I think. I may have cried since then, but I don't remember.

Who will repost this? Who knows?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Urgent Prayer Request

My friend Robyn over at 3 Girls Mom has a friend who is in urgent need of a miracle.

I'm just copying and pasting her blog post, and editing just a couple words:

Friends,Your prayer is desperately needed for Katherine Wolf.

Here's the story.Katherine suffered a stroke on Monday caused by an Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM). An AVM is a massive tangle of blood vessels in the brain. It is a congenital condition that can cause massive bleeding because the blood vessels are very weak and very fragile. Katherine's AVM was located near her brain stem. She has undergone a 12 hour operation to stop the bleeding in her brain and is currently in the very beginning, baby stages of waking up. She has blinked a couple of times and has moved her fingers and toes. She has been married to Jay since 2004 and has a 6 month old son, James. Her family is from Athens, GA and Jay's family is from Montgomery, AL. She went to Samford University in Birmingham. She just turned 26 in March.She was also a recent contestant on "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader." She was the pregnant girl. You might remember her if you watch the show.

I do not know Katherine well. I have only met her a couple of times. I know Jay and his family and have known them for a looong time. I have always admired Jay and his love for people, so I knew when he married, he would marry someone incredible. What I didn't know was HOW incredible Katherine was. She has an energy that is contagious and a smile that people don't forget. She is a servant for God with every ounce of who she is. She RADIATES Christ. She and Jay moved to Malibu after they married so she could pursue an acting/modeling career. Jay is currently in law school at Pepperdine. People all over the country know Katherine and have joined together and are praying diligently for this amazing young woman. Now I am asking you to do the same.

Jay is asking us to pray Mark 5:41 for her. It says, "He took her by the hand and said to her, “Talitha koum!” (which means, “Little girl, I say to you, get up!” )." The Body of Christ is a powerful group. We all know the miraculous powers of Christ, and we are praying for a miracle for her every day. Every hour. Every minute.

Here's what I am asking you to do.
1. Post a link to this blog post anywhere you can. Anywhere people are reading. Let's get people everywhere to pray for her. Turn this into a "chain mail" blog post. Let's see how far it can reach.
2. Visit the sites already created for Katherine. Here's one. Here's one. For those of you who have a Facebook, there are 2 groups dedicated to her. One is called "Pray for Katherine Arnold Wolf" and the other is "Praying for Katherine Wolf." They are open groups, so you can join without being invited. Let people know that you are praying for her.

To my SIESTAS, this is an urgent call to action. We have prayed for each other and lifted each other up more times than I can count. I need you. Today. Now. My blog is small, but I know that many of you have blogs that are read by lots and lots of people. Will you please help me get the word out about Katherine? I know I can count on y'all!Thank you for your diligence. I'm so excited to watch God work in ways that will shake up everyone who has heard about Katherine's situation. I have faith that many, many people will be changed by not only watching what miracles God does in Katherine's life, but by also watching the Body of Christ come together for her. This will be one of those situations that will make people say, "Wow. I want to know the God that healed her." What an opportunity to give Jesus complete and total credit! Awesome.

Do what you can, but it only takes a second to agree in prayer.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Answered Prayer

My mom just called. She's been unhappy at work (she works a lot of hours) and has been looking for a new job.

She had an interview yesterday. She really liked the people she would be working for, and the environment seemed good.

She prayed for a few specific things... and I agreed with her from way down south...

and she got exactly what she prayed for!!!


Monday, April 14, 2008

It's a better week already!

Okay, I mentioned Cullen was sick last week, and Christian almost knocked her teeth out.

Last week was rough.

Those with weak stomachs may want to stop reading here.

Wednesday I was puked on. Thursday I was pooped on. Friday, Cullen decided the "p's" were working for him, and I was peed on. Saturday he started the cycle all over again, and puked on me... again.

Come on! It's like having a newborn all over!

Thankfully, no bodily fluids made their way out of him and onto me yesterday. The day is still young, but it hasn't happened today, either.


Aren't they just precious? :)

I put him down for a nap Saturday. I took a nice, relaxing shower, and when I got out, he was crying. I went to get him up, and when I tried to open his door, something was in the way... he had climbed out of his crib!!! Sixteen months, ya'll.

One last thing, completely off the subject: Christian lost her second tooth last night. Again, she was brushing her teeth, and grossed out because there was blood in the sink. I looked, and the tooth was gone. I closed the drain, and felt around in the sink, but it wasn't there. Since hubs is gone, and I have no idea how to take a sink apart, I gave it up and told her the tooth fairy just knows when kids lose teeth. I washed my hands, and as I picked up the towel to dry them, I spotted a teeny-tiny little something on the counter... her tooth! Somehow, it hadn't brushed out of her mouth and into the sink, but had hung on until she wiped her mouth dry. So she had something to offer the tooth fairy, after all.

Isn't God good??? Something as small as a lost tooth, and He's looking out for it!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ladies' Bible Study

My church has a ladies' Bible study every Tuesday. It's almost like a mini church service, because they start with prayer partners who will pray with you about anything you need prayer for. They have soft worship music playing, and then they get into the Word. Each week a different lady leads the study, but they're all linked by a common theme. After the group study, we break up into small groups for discussion.

I didn't take great notes, because Christian was with me. It was right after her dentist appointment. She was watching a movie on her portable DVD player with headphones on, and kept talking inappropriately loudly to me, so I had to keep shushing her. So I had one ear tuned on the study, and one ear waiting for her to begin to speak. :)

I'm just going to list some things that impressed me:

What is your response when bad things happen? What comes up out of you when something comes against you? Obviously, last night my response wasn't great. This morning after I took Christian to school, I was unloading the dishwasher, and began thinking all kinds of "what ifs." What if something is wrong, because Cullen has been asleep for almost 14 hours now? What if Christian's teeth and mouth don't heal right? What if something happens while hubs is gone? What if something happens to him on his way home? I got really mad. I was mad that Cullen was sick, mad that baby Ethan had died, mad that I lost my baby, mad about strife, mad that Christian is having some trouble. I thought about my old school's third grade teacher, and how whenever anybody told her about something going wrong in their lives, she'd stomp her foot and say, "That lyin' devil." It just made me soooooo angry. I began praying right then. Did some serious spiritual warfare. Told the devil he's not welcome here. He's not welcome around my family or friends. Kicked him right out the door. And then heard the angelic sound of Cullen talking in his room.

The sword of the Spirit is what should come out of your mouth.

Getting in shape hurts; staying in shape feels good. Physical and spiritual shape.

The Lord can make things so good that you actually have to be reminded of how bad the past hurt and stung.

He has made many promises in His Word, and it cost the blood of Jesus to give us these promises. We shouldn't take them lightly.

He is able to do exceedingly more than we could ask or imagine. In the words of a teacher I used to work with, "I have a really big imagination!" And yet, He can do exceedingly more.

A basketball that has had all the air taken out of it is soft enough that you can stomp on it. You can fold it up and shape it. Like a basketball full of air, if we fill up with God, nothing external can change our shape.

Your experiences in life will either push you to God, or away from Him. Choose you this day whom you will serve.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Thee had a little akthident

Christian went to a friend's house yesterday... the same friend whose birthday party she went to on Saturday.

She came home a little after 5:00, wailing, holding a bag of ice to her mouth.

Her friend's mom said they had been chasing each other, playing hard, when the little girl slammed her bedroom door, as Christian was trying to run through it. Unfortunately, Christian's mouth bore the brunt of the impact. She had a little cut on her upper lip, but nothing that looked too terrible. You can see it in this self-portrait. :)

She, however, thought it was far too painful to go to tee ball practice. After three popsicles, she said she was still hurting, so I didn't make her go, but gave her a little grief about it.

Thankfully last week I made an appointment with her dentist for this morning.

The hygienist began cleaning her teeth, and said something about her mouth being swollen. Christian explained what happened, and I told her that all I had seen was the cut on her lip. She said, "You didn't see above the cut?" I told her no, I pulled her lip up last night, saw the cut, and thought that was all there was. She called me over and turned Christian's lip inside out so that I could see:

She has a small cut on the top lip, but the lip is also full of blood. The dentist called it a hemangioma. All night I thought she had been sticking her tongue between her teeth and lip, but it was just full of blood.

She also chipped a tooth, and knocked all of her upper front teeth backward. The dentist showed me the blood line up under her top teeth where they moved backward. They are now all loose.

This is not a picture of that. It's hard enough to get a six-year old to pull her lips over her head so I can record the moment for posterity... without having her hang upside down and do it... again... and again... and, once more, that one was a little fuzzy... and again...

And to think I gave her any grief at all!

He wants me to look for discolored teeth, which he expect, and for the swelling to go down. He doesn't know the extent of the damage, but they're baby teeth, so he's not too worried. I just have to make sure the swelling goes down. He said if it doesn't all that pooled blood could become infected, and she'd need antibiotics. He also said if the teeth become really discolored, he'll probably have to remove them. Ugh!

I really have teeth issues. I have a recurring nightmare of spitting out broken teeth and blood, until all my teeth are gone. Stuff like this really freaks me out!!! WHY DOES THIS STUFF ONLY HAPPEN WHEN HER FATHER IS AWAY???

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Cougar Cake

Thanks to all of you who encouraged me with my first attempt at piping. At the end of this way-too-long story are pictures of the finished product.

Today Christian went to a birthday party to end all birthday parties. It was a circus theme, and they had a cotton candy machine, a snow cone machine, hot dogs, popcorn, carnival-type games with prizes for each win, an inflatable obstacle course that included a slide about 25 feet high, and each child went home with a t-shirt that said, "I had a blast at Victoria's sixth birthday party!" I went home with red arms, face and neck from being in the sun for three hours... it was hot out there!

My mother-in-law picked up both kids in the morning so I could work on the cake. Just before she arrived I noticed Cullen seemed warm, and he didn't eat nearly as much breakfast as he ususally did, so I thought he was coming down with something. I realized I was right when he threw up all over the kitchen floor. My mil called around 6:30 saying Cullen had a low fever, and had been pretty run down all day, so she was going to bring him home. All he ate for her was two cups of applesauce. By the time he got here, his fever had shot up to over 103. I gave him Motrin and put him in a lukewarm bath. He still wouldn't eat, but we kept trying to get him to drink, which he wouldn't do either. He didn't want popsicles, or sprite through a straw. He did take a little ice, though.

What I'm taking way too long to say is this: I didn't get as much time on my cake as I thought I would have... but here it is, anyway.

The little white blob is a volleyball. The markings don't come across in the pictures, though.

Yes, that is a hand-painted cake. I tried a few different tools to make painting the bricks easier, but nothing worked. I ended up having to paint each brick individually. It's supposed to look like graffiti... I, however, am NOT good at graffiti!

And now, off to bed I go.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

I'm really stressing out over this!

Okay. The school I used to teach at is having a fundraising auction Sunday. I agreed to donate a cake to the auction, and $$$ off a future cake. They said they'd like me to put the school's mascot logo on the cake and e-mailed me this:

They're the Cougars.

Anyway. I don't know how to pipe... I've never done it... which is why my cakes are ALWAYS decorated with fondant. It's not that I'm a fondant snob... it's that I'm a piping moron. I just finished this, and am wondering what you guys in bloggyland think... should I scrap it and start over? Attempt it in fondant??? If you've never commented before, NOW'S THE TIME!!!

BTW, the icing's supposed to be navy blue.