Thursday, March 13, 2008

The tooth has been found!

Last night after work (and dinner, and t-ball practice!) hubby took the bathroom sink apart. After digging (him, not me!) through lots of muck, hair and grime (now I know why the sink's been draining so slowly!) he found the tooth! I have to say, had it gotten through all that gunk, it would have been a miracle.

So Christian had a tiny little tooth to put in the tooth pillow I brought her from my trip to Nashville in January.

She wrote the tooth fairy a note:

I will translate:

Dear tooth fairy my tooth went down the drain but my tooth got found.

123 I love you.
... 123 I love you.

Come visit me tomorrow.

(lots of little hearts)

The tooth fairy left her 4 quarters, and a note of her own:

The tooth fairy made a lot of noise last night, and somehow Christian snored through it. This morning she was happy for the money and the note, but upset that the tooth fairy wasn't going to visit her today!

Little does she know, she gets to spend the day with the tooth fairy: at the Children's Museum, the Library, and the Zoo. :)

And BTW, now the sink drains like a dream!


Kelsey said...

Haha! You gotta love those manipulative letters from the Tooth Fairy. Kudos for the creative strategy...hopefully the "stop sucking your thumb" scheme will work!

Erin said...

o the letter was so cute!!

jamie said...

LOL! That's a dedicated husband you have!

SaraLynn said...

Too cute!
but now you have me concerned with my bathroom drain...ewwww! That will go on my honey-do list for hubby!