Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ten Random Things About Me

Southern Seven tagged me to write ten random things about myself and then tag five people… so here goes:

1. I was born in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. I am NOT a hillbilly. I am NOT a Clinton fan. My family tree has many, many branches. I am not married to any relative. I have all the teeth I’m supposed to have, and they’re all my own. :)

2. In high school and college my dream was to sing. I was the lead in Gershwin’s “Crazy for You,” and played Glinda in “The Wiz.” I haven’t sung a solo since my brother’s wedding many years ago. Oh, how I miss it! But the thought of singing in front of an audience has always made my palms sweat. Before a performance I’m on the verge of humiliating myself, and afterwards I’m bouncing off the walls for hours. In “Crazy for You,” I had to sing “Ahhhhhh” over the entire choir singing the chorus of “I’ve Got Rhythm,” then change keys and do it again. I sang so loud, my one note drowned out all of them!

3. I used to anchor television news. And the weather. It was fun. Until I had to warn our part of the gulf coast that a hurricane was heading towards us and they should evacuate. The Chief Meteorologist was out of town. Talk about pressure! On Christmas Eve I accidentally cursed on air. I was trying to say the weather would be nice for after-Christmas shopping and stuff, but I said it would be nice for after-Christmas sh…

4. I have held a human brain in my hands. And lungs. And livers. And a spleen. And many uterus’s (uteri?). And many colons. And a severed arm. And severed legs. And many placentas. And many gallbladders. With the brain, I actually thought (but stopped myself before I said out loud) “So, is this guy dead?” Um, probably. Don’t worry. I’m not saving them in my freezer or anything. I used to work at a pathology lab. The severed arm actually had tattoos all over it. The doctor came in, saw it, and shook the hand, saying, “Hi! How are you?” He used to walk around looking at all the stuff while eating (?!?) donuts. I couldn’t eat for hours before or after work.

5. I have an older brother who was the bane of my existence growing up. Now he’s one of my favorite people.

6. My parents divorced when I was nine. That’s how I came to Jesus. So God really does use all things for good.

7. I have a miracle table. I really, really wanted a new dining table, but thought spending what it cost was financially irresponsible. I didn’t want to “waste” savings on a want. So I prayed. Hubby found half of the cost in his closet while he was cleaning it out one day, and said we’d take the other half out of savings and buy it for me for Mother’s Day. I still felt guilty. On the way to the store I prayed that if God wanted me to have the table that it would be on sale for thirty percent off. We got there, and my heart was thundering, my palms were sweating, and I was fully prepared to walk out empty-handed if it wasn’t marked down 30%. It was marked down 50%!

8. I have a miracle truck. Hubby really wanted a new truck, but again, we didn’t think it was financially responsible to take out a loan. We had just paid off our other vehicle, and he had a perfectly good, paid-for truck. His truck was cramped, and wasn’t really powerful enough to tow the boat, but I didn’t think that was reason enough to buy another one. But he kept looking. He found exactly what he wanted, we test drove it, and it was perfect. We just were not at peace about buying it. THE NEXT MORNING, the morning he was going to make his decision, his boss called. He had been in a meeting with other department heads about evaluating pay scales across the different departments. He told them he thought hubby’s pay scale should be looked at. Out of the blue, hubby got a raise for EXACTLY the amount the truck payment would be! Both of us crying, we praised God for working out that situation. I told him, “Go get your truck! It’s okay with me and it’s okay with God!”

9. I have the cutest kids in the world. I know you think yours are, but really, mine are. I also
have the smartest kids in the world. Again, I know you think yours are, but you’re wrong.

10. I am a grammar and spelling snob. I try not to be, but it's just the way I'm wired. I still love those who aren't as perfect as I am. ;) I am also very humble. :)

Wow! That was really hard. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t supposed to write novels. Now I have to tag people???

I guess I’ll tag Jenn at Tales from the Phunny Pharm, Melissa at Life With Two, Robyn at 3 Girls Mom, Erin at Erin’s Words, and Jamie at Just Love Him.


Southerner said...

How funny.
When we were new members at our prior church we had a Thanksgiving dinner for deacons and new families so we could meet our assigned deacon. One of them stood up to introduce himself and the new family from Arkansas. He said that they had to come to Alabama for Thanksgiving because Arkansas didn't have any turkeys- they had sent theirs to Washington.

How cool to be in the college play/musical and an anchor for tv. You are a star. I HATE to be upfront where people are looking at you although in small groups I seem to be the comic.

I don't think I would like the body parts gig. Did it smell awful?

God is so good and He always provides for our needs and a lot of time the wants too. Love to hear how He provides in really cool ways.

I better stop now. You are probably beating your head with all the spelling and grammatical errors I provide.

Tami said...

Found your blog through Southern Seven and love it. I really love your music. How did you do it? I worked one night forever trying to get a song to play on my blog. The only way I could do it was to embed it and then the person had to go and click on it to make it play. I would love to have songs playing on my blog. anyway, I'll be back to visit.

jamie said...

I really enjoyed reading this! You're a pretty interesting gal! My husband was born in Arkansas as well, and he is one of the "normal" ones, too. :0) We are actually trying to move there someday...We're just waiting on God to see if he'll open some doors. I also love to sing, and I'm a grammar and punctuation snob, too. So we have a bit in common. :0) Thanks for tagging me, this should be fun.

Anonymous said...

And I hear you are married to the greatest man ever! How lucky can you be? Wow.

3girlsmom said...

Oh, the tagging pressure. Ok, I'll try. I have no idea how to post a link, though. I hope it's ok that I don't. Any tutorial would be appreciated. :)

3girlsmom said...

Just did mine. Go check em out. Yes, it was a little harder than I thought! Glad I wasn't supposed to tell 11 things, because I was struggling by the end. :)

Erin said...

you were right this was hard to do. but i mustered some things took me almost an hour to do. But it was fun.
Sorry I didn't tag anyone....

3girlsmom said...

YAY another Reba fan! I saw her in concert on Valentine's day this year - it was her 2 Worlds 2 Voices Tour with Kelly Clarkson. UNBELIEVABLE! Amazing concert. I actually got to meet Kelly and she was great, too. I've seen Reba before - this was the best show by far. She is so great.
I'm going to Living Proof Live (Beth Moore) in San Antonio in August. I saw her at Deeper Still in Nashville this past September and can't wait for San Antonio. It should be a good time. I can't imagine what it'll be like to have 3 days all to myself. Mind boggling.

Jenn said...

Tagged?? Me?? Why thank you!!! I'll get to work on it tomorrow. It's been a crazy few days here...BBL!

Jenn said...

It's up. I cheated and back dated it......