Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Birthday, Christian!

Christian's turning six on Monday. We had her party today at the Children's Museum. She wanted a dog theme, so I recreated a cake we saw at the cake show in Austin last month.
She loved it! And truth be told, so did I!

I mean, just look at that face!

I sculpted all the animals and mini dog bones out of white chocolate, the signs were gum paste, the pool water was piping gel, and everything else was fondant. After I assembled the cake, I painted color on the cobblestones, and then painted over everything with edible glitter. I don't think the sparkles show up in the pictures.

Oh, wait. You can kind of see the sparkles here.

The office house was red velvet cake, and the main cake was four alternating layers of chocolate and vanilla cake. It was even pretty after it was cut!

I was sooooo exhausted last night!

This week I baked eight layers of cake, made two batches of buttercream, and seven (or eight, I lost count!) of fondant. It's very physical work. The fondant is like very thick bread dough, and you have to knead and knead and knead before you even think about rolling it out... which isn't exactly easy, either!

I also made random decorations, like the signs, the hydrants, the dog dishes, etc. Since the dogs were chocolate, I made them last week. Hallelujah for thinking (somewhat) ahead!

I had a freaking out moment last night. I was so tired, and wasn't even finished with the gift box cake. My kitchen was an absolute wreck: cake decorations, layers of cake, buttercream, fondant, crumbs, and cornstarch EVERYWHERE!!!

The pool water was NOT this dark... I don't know why this looks so sickly.

I really didn't think I would finish either cake! God gave me an extra burst of energy just when I needed it most. I finally finished the gift box, and started on Christian's. Each time I messed up, I thought, "It's okay. It's only for us." Which is ugly, I know, but I WAS BEYOND EXHAUSTED! Once it was complete, I was happy with it. If I'd had more time, it would not have had so many mistakes and uglies, but I was just glad to go to bed at midnight!

I got up this morning and baked several dozen batches (from scratch... what is WRONG with me???) of sugar-cookie dog bones. I got mini dog bowls we found at Pet Smart, filled them with cocoa puffs, and put a cookie bone on top. I put them in plastic bags and tied them with curly ribbon. They turned out so cute! Unfortunately, no cookies were left, and I forgot to take a picture... maybe someone else did.

Happy Birthday, Baby Doll!


Southerner said...

AMAZING! I love your work.

You have been tagged. List 10 random facts about yourself and tag 5 other people. Can't wait to hear your facts.

Southern Seven

Erin said...

i am exhausted for u!! the cake looks too cute too eat!!

Jessica said...

WOW!!! Your cake is absolutely amazing! You hve a definate talent, that is for sure!

Thanks for stopping by my blog... I had to take a break for a bit and thought I would come check yours out....