Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Boys will be boys!

As I type this, my baby boy is happily playing in the bathtub... the dry bathtub that he crawled into... for the third time today. Actually, the first bathtub he crawled into was in he and his sister's bathroom. The current bathtub (second and third climbs) is in my bathroom, and is one of those garden tubs, so it's about a foot and a half deep. He is (and was, in the other bathtub) playing with the toys that he played with during last night's bath. Yes, the toys are still in the tub... from last night.

If it's not the bathtub, it's the toilet. What is with him?!?

Christian could have cared less about the bathroom. She never unrolled the toilet paper. She never splashed around in the (ugh!) toilet. She never crawled into the bathtub.

Whenever the house is eerily quiet, that's usually where we find him. Yards and yards of toilet paper festooning the bathroom like Mardi Gras, clumps of wet toilet paper on the floor, and a little boy splashing to his heart's content in the toilet! Last week there was a bag of cheetohs floating in there. Unopened, not that it matters. He walked into the living room sucking his thumb... his wet thumb... on an overly wet hand. I followed the drip trail to the toilet... washed him up, and took him to his father for a kiss! ;)



SaraLynn said...

Boys are so different from girls, aren't they? My daughter is 7, my son is 2 and I am astonished at the things he does. Isabella would never have done that! He climbs everything, he jumps off anything, he isn't afraid of anything.
While I read your blog my smile just got wider and wider. Sounds like my house! Hope to chat with you again. It was very nice to meet you!

Devion said...

If you read my intro, you'll know that I've got a daughter and then the baby on the way is a boy. I am so apprehensive about boys...I just don't know boys! :)

Now, I just went down a bit and saw the cakes. All I can say is "WOW!" You are quite talented. I am nervous about doing my daughter's b-day cakes and you are whipping out cakes like that?!? Actually, it's funny because I think that that is the competition that I watched on it? Anyway, just wanted to say WOW to your amazing talent and I may just have to get in touch with you come May when I'm up to my elbows in frosting and don't know what to do next. :) HAPPY BLOGGING!

The Other Huse said...

oh my, I SO don't look forward to this. I have a little girl, but I have a feeling she'll be just as inquisitive!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog party! I like your site. A lot. I've added you to the blog reader.

Nice "meeting" you!!!

smileyes said...

Your kids look adorable. I can't wait to hear more about them!

Donna said...

Thanks for visitng my "party".

I will be back to get to know ya!

Melody said...

Ugh! Dave was/is a toilet splasher too!! Which is amusing since he can't stand to have dirty hands. He is constantly wanting his hands washed if he gets yogurt, or chocolate on them....but toilet water, no problem!