Wednesday, February 27, 2008

WOO HOO!!! It's Christmas in February!

I got it! I got it! I finally, finally got it!!! (In an annoying sing-song voice)

It's the grand-daddy of them all...

or as Roy calls it, the Holy Grail of kitchen appliances...

and we drove to Sugarland Monday afternoon, to the, ahem, Williams Sonoma to get it.


Here it is...

The Kitchen Aid Professional 600 Stand Mixer. Does anyone else hear orchestral music swelling in the background?

And my little friend, who has faithfully mixed mashed potatoes, cake batter, and brownies for me for the last eight years...

Don't worry, I plan to treat them both the same.


Hopefully he'll dig the camera out of the boat so I can show you pics of them side-by-side... Wow, what a difference! I'm not one to act like size matters, but in this case... it definitely does! I can make quadruple batches of cake batter, or double batches of fondant! It mocked me all day yesterday. I had owned it for more than fifteen hours without actually mixing anything. But I rectified that last night... with a (from scratch) chocolate cake, and caramel creme frosting (also from scratch). The leftovers are even now calling out to me. I had a moment of insanity, and cut the cake in half as soon as it was finished, and had Roy take it to one of the guys he fishes/works with. WHAT WAS I THINKING??? That cake rocked!

He did get the camera, and here they are together:

Chocolate cake for dinner tonight?

Nah, that would set a precedent for Christian. At least now when she asks for dessert for dinner I can respond, "Have I ever given you that for dinner before??? And I'm not going to start tonight!"

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What's next said...

oh, I have mixer envy! When I tell my husband I need the bigger one, he often comments on my lack of cooking... but we all know that you need that to make a better cake, icing, etc..