Friday, February 29, 2008

No more Luke Duke

I am taking the time to post this before I settle in for a good cry.

My baby is gone.

In his place, is a mini-Marine, thanks to his father.

I will be the first to admit he needed a haircut. I will also say he's never going back to that chop-shop again.

All his little baby hair is gone. And I do mean ALL of it. The lady asked if I wanted a little-boy haircut, and of course I said yes. I meant for her to just TRIM the back, sides, and bangs, leaving some soft, fine baby hair. Cullen, as you can tell, did not want his hair cut. His intuition probably told him he'd hate it after he saw it.

My poor little baby.

His father is idly standing by... no, not idly. He is aiding in the traumatization by forcing this tiny baby to sit through the entire thing.

This was before she started, hence the dry face, unfisted hands, and closed mouth.

Cullen, on the ride home, contemplating what he ever did to deserve this.

Looking wistfully out the window, and longing for the days when he had hair for the wind to ruffle.

And at home, too embarrassed to even lift his head.

Now that I've posted this for posterity, I'm going to indulge in a good weeping. I will weep for the trauma my baby endured at the hands of his father and "barber" today. I will weep in solidarity with him. I will weep for the little baby hair I will no longer be able to run my fingers through. But mostly I will weep while I think about his little bald head.

On a side note, the barber shop gave us a certificate to put in his baby book to commemorate this day. It said that Cullen "has bravely met all the requirements of receiving his first haircut and has graduated from babyhood on the 29th day of February in the year of 2008."

HA!!! Not one person in that place would agree he bravely met anything!!!

To type those words, I had to actually go get the certificate. I had stopped reading at bravely, because it was too comical, but the "graduating from babyhood" has begun the tears anew.


Kelsey said...


You have my sincere condolences and greatest of sympathy.


How on earth could you do this to that poor little boy?! As if the haircut isn't bad enough by itself, it looks like you had him in a choke hold throughout the process. Even Rick agrees that the haircut is awful, and look at Rick's hair! (Don't tell him I said that)

Oh well, even with the worst haircut known to babies, he still manages to be the cutest nephew ever.

Tracye said...


I agree with you on everything!