Thursday, February 7, 2008

Football Cake

It's been a busy week for me... I made a football cake for a bake sale benefitting a high school drill team member who needs heart surgery, and a Cinderella-themed cake for a little girl turning four. I'll post about that later.

My brother's mother-in-law asked me to make the football cake. Here it is:

She e-mailed me today:

Your cake went for $100.00. That’s great for a little cake sale. The person who bought the cake donated it to the girl that the benefit was for and she took it to school to share with the other Sandettes. I think you were quite popular this morning. Many people wanted your phone #. I did not give it to them, but I told them to come see me and I could share your email address. Thanks again. Oh! We raised $1,026.00.

Her e-mail made me so happy, I actually cried!

I added melted chocolate and cocoa powder to this fondant, instead of brown icing color. It smelled/tasted delicious! Definitely for the chocolate lover!

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