Monday, February 18, 2008

Diaper Bag Cake

Yea! My first cake (and only cake!) with no problems!!! NO PROBLEMS!!!

Forgive the pun, but it was a piece of cake... besides the fact that it took about 20 hours to do!
A teacher at the school that I taught at for the last five years (and graduated from) is having a baby, and they asked me to make her shower cake.
I was kind of depressed last week, because I hadn't come up with what I thought was a good idea. I didn't want to do another "Baby Cake." That's old news! :) I was putting Christian's shoes on her one morning, and the idea hit me like a bolt of lightning: a diaper bag cake!
I Googled "diaper bag cake," to see if anyone had attempted one before, and found Melody's.
So I started working on the accessories: a binky, two bottles, diapers, etc... Yesterday I finished, and I have to say it surpassed my imagination. I am really proud of this one. So without further adieu,

I know it's a lot of pictures, but it's so cute!

And now, for the not-so-cute rattle, that I ended up leaving off!


Melody said...

Wow Tracye, I'm impressed. I feel better knowing that you were an art teacher! You know most of Duff's employees are art majors, not cake decorators...I think I can see why! You did a great job!

There's a great cake show this Saturday up here. If you want to make the trip, let me know and I'll get the info to you and maybe we can meet up IRL! If not, maybe next year!

Natalie said...

wow, great cake! i love watching those competitions on the food network...maybe one day i will get to attend one to look around!