Sunday, February 24, 2008

Capital Confectioners 2008 Cake & Sugar Art Show & Competition

It was in Austin yesterday. I found out about it Tuesday, and by Tuesday evening, my mom had convinced me to enter. I decided to re-create my diaper bag... and Caylee's birthday cake... and Hannah's sleepover cake... in three days.

I know it's a lot, but each one of those cakes turned out so cute, I couldn't decide on just one. I sculpted the characters Tuesday night, and did the diaper bag Wednesday. Thursday morning I awoke to a caketastrophe... the handles had fallen off, and pulled the fondant away from the sides of the cake. So Thursday was spent re-doing the diaper bag, and finishing the little accessories. I think the finished product was pretty cute, although I still like the first one I did the best.

When we took the cake to the display room, we heard many "Oh, that's so cute!"s and "Oh, how precious."s.
They finally opened the room to viewing, and Roy and I got in line to walk around and admire all the unbelievable cakes. We heard many people admiring my diaper bag, and saw them stopping to take pictures of it... it was a very uplifting experience! The other cakes were absolutely amazing. A few minutes would go by, and Roy would whisper, "The judges are at yours now." Then he'd disappear. After we headed for home, I found out what he was doing... eavesdropping on the judges!!! Or trying to. He said he saw one of them write "good ..." on my sheet, but then they huddled closer together. He said, "I just couldn't see what they were writing!" I told him that was the point! He also said that two ladies and a gentleman were judging the diaper bag, and they kept asking each other what diaper bags looked like! One of them said she hadn't seen one in over 20 years, and the other two said they'd never seen one, because they don't have kids!

I didn't place, but these were the cakes my bag was up against...

And here are some that were in the adult beginner classs, but were sculpted cakes... pretty amazing! The dragon actually won first place, and best of show... for the entire competition! Roy is adamant that the person that created it is not a beginner, but you never know. She may just be exceptionally talented. She actually won over the professionals and the masters.
That's a fondant-covered board, too. Hand-painted to look like stones. It was amazingly detailed.

I had a blast, and am definitely going to start early next year! I bought a bunch of new "toys," and can't wait to use them! They had demonstrations all day, and even live challenges, like on the Food Network. People actually sculpted, iced and decorated cakes in one hour! There was a tugboat, a train, a racecar, a toybox full of toys, and a jack-in-the box. Bronwen Weber (a Food Network cake challenge winner) emceed that challenge. Four people even created complete wedding cakes in an hour and a half!
Here are a few more that were absolutely incredible. They're from all classes of decorators, from beginners to masters.
This was one of our favorites. It was adorably detailed! It was the "Red Woof Inn," and "Puppies Stay Free," they offer "Free Bones from 5-7 Daily," and "No Cats Allowed."
Here's a close-up of the bottom row... so cute!
Each doghouse had a private bathroom, the hydrant, and a bowl with a snack in it. The top level was the office, and there's a cat hiding around the corner, and a dog taking a swim in the pool. Here it is from the back:
Here is a Titanic-themed wedding cake. Nicholas Lodge, a master decorator and Food Network Challenge judge, is in the background. He was one of the judges yesterday.
I'm sure that's more cake than anyone ever wanted to see... so even though I have many more amazing pictures, I'm not going to post any more. I'm sure they took forever to load... sorry about that!

Hope you enjoyed it! I sure did!


Anonymous said...

So glad you had fun Saturday, I wish you could have stayed for Sunday- it was awesome, too! As I told you on the phone - welcome to our world, there is no turning back now!


Tracye said...

I wish I could have, too! Maybe next time!

Susan said...

Hi Tracye,

OH MY!!!! You are so talented. I've never seen anything like this before.


Thanks for stopping over, so nice to meet you. Gosh, I wish you could make me a cake!


Jenn said...

Wow! You are so talented! I like the diaper bag better than the "ones I was up against" that you posted!

Thanks for stopping by my blog for the UBP!!! From your profile we have lots in common! I love the Left Behind books too!

Hope to see you again soon!