Monday, January 21, 2008

Chicago, Chicago!

My mom and stepdad gave me a trip to Chicago for Christmas, to see one of my oldest and bestest friends. I had a blast! I love cold, snowy weather, and Chicago didn't disappoint. Although, if truth be told, it could have been covered in the white stuff!

I got there on Saturday (yes, hubby stayed home and took care of both kids! What a guy!) and IT DIDN'T SNOW UNTIL MONDAY! The last snow I saw was the "South Texas Christmas Miracle" on Christmas Eve, 2004, and as soon as temperatures warmed up the day after Christmas, it was gone!

For her birthday, my friend's husband gave her a gift card for both of us to have massages in the spa of the Swissotel. It was snowing when we left the building just after lunch on Monday! This picture was taken from the bathroom of the spa... I was facsinated by the view from the loo!

That night, after it had snowed enough for some to accumulate, I made my snowangel... right there on the sidewalk! My friend said a lady laughed as she walked by, but not mockingly. She said, "It was like you restored joy to her heart; like she had forgotten that snow could be fun."

Here's me playing in the snow on the roof of the apartment building, and my snowman. There's video of him, too.

We saw the two premier musicals in Chicago that week: Wicked and Jersey Boys, and we got front-row seats to both for $25 each!!! They were unbelievable!!! My friend and her husband had already seen Wicked, and didn't like it that much, but now believe it's because they sat so far back. We were talking, waiting for the show to begin, when the conductor popped up and yelled, "Boo!" at us. He was really nice. We talked to him before and after the show, and during intermission. I got his autograph on my Playbill. After it was over he told us where we could find the perfomers, and I got Galinda's autograph, too. I played Glinda in "The Wiz" in college, although not nearly as well as she! Jersey Boys was pretty amazing, too.

As we passed Macy's, I noticed a beautiful cake in the window. My friend said it was "Sarah's Pastries & Candies," and that one of their candies is on a list of ten best things to eat in Chicago. We went in, and ended up spending an hour in there talking to the girl working. Her friend owns the bakery... and there's a picture of her and Martha Stewart in the bakery! She said Oprah loves their black & white cupcakes, so they send her some often. I showed her my FBI cake, and she said they would probably sell something like that for around $700-$800!!! I about fainted! I got a picture with her, and she got a cake and cupcake for me to hold.

And, just because it's so beautiful, here's a picture of the lake from Adler Planetarium.

My friend's husband actually rides a segway (did I spell that right?) at work, so we went up to his office and did that, too!

And last, but not least, here is my friend practicing for a ballroom dancing competition in March. She's awesome!


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