Friday, October 19, 2007

FBI National Academy cake

Okay, so today's my husband's birthday. Yes, it is after midnight on Friday morning. I have been up past midnight every night since last Friday working on his cake. I asked him what he wanted... I was thinking a simple birthday cake. Oh, no. He wanted me to bake a cake for him to take to the FBI National Academy luncheon the PD is hosting. Friday. Today. The day after he returns from a week-long absence. The day after I have to take care of two children alone for seven straight days.

What does he want it to look like, you ask? He wants me to make the seal of the FBI National Academy; he'll be attending it soon. Anyway, seals are pretty simple, right? I'm attaching the picture he gave me... before he left for a week-long conference in New Orleans.

Like I said, I've been up past midnight every night for seven straight nights. Here is the result of all my work...

That is 100% fondant. I am NO GOOD at piping, so I rolled fondant into tiny little strings, cut them to length, and placed them into position as letters.

I have to admit, it looks pretty good.

Or it did.

Before I threw it at him.